Thank you to CNY media covering COVID-19

Local media attend a Syracuse press conference about COVID-19. Photo by Teri Weaver.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — We’d like to take a moment to applaud local journalists for their coverage of COVID-19 and its effects on our coverage areas across Central New York.

This month, we watched our local journalists in print, radio, broadcast and digital news doggedly serving their communities with constant updates from schools, hospitals, government officials, local businesses and their fellow citizens.

“Journalism’s most critical role in a crisis is to provide information people need to make decisions for the safety of family and community. That is our mission.”

Kristin Roberts, VP of news for McClatchy

Stories are everywhere, and they are being told with integrity and compassion, thanks to our relentless reporters and producers.

Thank you to the fact checkers and editors, who ensure we only report what is true. You remind us it’s always better to be right than to be first.

Thank you to our photographers and videographers on the front lines, capturing the images of panic, confusion and frustration. You illustrate the urgency of this crisis, but also show us the much-needed moments of unity.

Thank you to our social media staffers, audience teams and call centers, who are handling frantic questions from the public and engaging directly with readers, listeners and viewers. You are helping people make sense from the chaos.

Thank you to the interns and student journalists, who are stepping up to deliver news with maturity and grace. You are helping more than you know, and you’re learning lessons that will stay with you for your entire careers.

Thank you to every person in local media working long hours, figuring out child care, juggling multiple stories, ordering food for their staff, or telling employees to work from home. Every decision you make out of patience or kindness, will make our news coverage better and easier.

“Despite early claims that the media was overblowing this story, creating a narrative where there was none and fueling unnecessary panic, this week has turned out to be one of journalism’s finest hours…The journalism on display this week during an ever-shifting and rapidly-moving story has been nothing short of spectacular.”


Thank you to our local media. We are proud of you. Keep up the great work. Take breaks. Stay hydrated and healthy. Your communities need you.

–Katrina Tulloch, SPC president

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