Syracuse Press Club announces 2022-2023 award winners

(Andy Wolf of CNYCentral / WSTM/WTVH, photo by Herm Card)

Central and northern New York newsrooms gathered under one roof to celebrate the best of local journalism at the 2023 Syracuse Press Club awards.

Nearly 200 guests attended the banquet on Saturday, May 6 to receive their awards and placements. Brad Vivacqua of Spectrum News 1 and Josh Cradduck of NBC News served as esteemed hosts for the evening.

The club also distributed five special honors including the Newcomer Award, the Transparency Award, the Professional Standards Award, the DeVesty-Williams Scholarship and the Bill Carey Award for Journalist of the Year.

Finally, the club inducted Kenneth Jackson, longtime editor for Urban CNY, into the Syracuse Press Club Wall of Distinction.

Congratulations to our finalists and thanks to all of this year’s entrants for providing central and northern New York with essential journalism.

Next week, you’ll be able to see more photos by photographer Herm Card of the 2023 awards ceremony and winners on the SPC Facebook page.

(Ken Jackson of Urban CNY News, photo by Herm Card)

Why do some categories have more finalists?

To make our contest more equitable across categories and increase competitiveness, we introduced a rule in 2021 that limits the number of awards in each category based on the number of entries. For example, if a category only has three submissions, only the top-ranked entry will receive a prize. If a category has 15 or more entries, first place, second place, and up to three honorable mentions could be awarded. You can review the complete scale on the contest’s rules and eligibility page.

We do give the judges discretion. If the judges determine some entries in a category fail to meet the threshold of award quality, they may choose to select as few award recipients as they deem appropriate.

Best Overall Magazine

  • 1st place: Advance Media New York, Central New York Magazine – November/December 2022, Mary Jo Kravec, Amy Bleier Long, Sue Santola
  • 2nd place: Advance Media New York, Central New York Magazine – May/June 2022, Mary Jo Kravec, Amy Bleier Long, Sue Santola
  • Honorable Mention: Family Times, June 2022, Courtney Kless, Renate Wood

Judges’ comment on the first-place winner: Gorgeous photography and interesting layout with nice flow throughout the magazine. Diverse lineup of content stands out from the rest of typical holiday features.

Best Newsletter or Trade Publication

  • 1st place: Advance Media New York, Central Upstate Mfg. Edition 10, Amy Bleier Long, Marisa Norcross, Fran Genovese-Finch

Judges’ comment on the first-place winner: This magazine presented information in an informative yet fun and creative way. The subject matter has the potential to be dry; however, the approach to writing these articles in addition to laying out the information keeps the reader engaged and turning the pages. Each article is well written, and I finished the magazine feeling like I had personal conversations with the authors. The layout is very clean and not over-engineered, but the images still manage to be impactful and draw the reader in. I appreciated the gender diversity amongst the writers; the editorial team may consider more age and race diversity for more varied insights.

(Anne Hayes and Rylee Kirk of and The Post-Standard, photo by Herm Card)

Online Journalism

Best News Website

• 1st place: WSTM/WTVH,, CNY Central Staff
• 2nd place: The Citizen,, The Citizen staff

Best Multimedia Story

  • 1st place:, Did Angela and Lance have to die? How caseworkers missed the red flags of child neglect, Michelle Breidenbach, Rylee Kirk, Katrina Tulloch
  • 2nd place:, Forced to live here, forced to leave: The twin injustices of I-81 and the demolition of the 15th Ward, Jules Struck, Katrina Tulloch
  • Honorable Mention: Central Current, Land, life and language: The Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address is a greeting of gratitude to honor all that’s left, Gabriel Pietrorazio, Michael Greenlar
  • Honorable Mention: The Stand Newspaper, Family Blessing, Ashley Kang, Emily Kenny

Judges’ comment on first place winner: Terrific package about a needless tragedy. The writing is informative without being overwrought and the photos are a great enhancement of the writing.

Best Video Journalism

  • 1st place:, Robert Neulander murder retrial; Just how clean are electric vehicles?; Flying with QB Garrett Shrader, Christa Lemczak, N. Scott Trimble
  • 2nd place: WSTM/WTVH, Sophistafunk Gets National Stage, Westbrook Shortell
  • Honorable Mention: The Citizen, Combat Recovery fights addiction one punch at a time, Kevin Rivoli

Judges’ comment on winner: Good journalism, use of pictures, video and music.

Best Blog

  • 1st place: WSTM/WTVH, Matt’s Memo, Matt Mulcahy
  • 2nd place: The Citizen, Eye on NY, Robert Harding

Judges’ comment on winner: Strong historical perspective grounds Matt’s arguments and adds credibility; well-written, too!

Best Online Photos & Graphics

  • 1st place: Spectrum News 1, Catholics celebrate Holy Week without restriction for first time since pandemic began while impact of closures remain at heart, Hayley Foran

Best Online Breaking News

  • 1st place: Central Current, Biden comes to CNY to tout Micron announcement, Chris Libonati, Michael Greenlar
  • 2nd place:, Coverage of Robert Neulander trial, Doug Dowty, Anne Hayes
  • Honorable Mention:, Onondaga County Legislator Mary Kuhn Hosts “No Aquarium” Protest Event, Kenneth Jackson

Judges’ comment on winner: Comprehensive reporting of a major chip manufacturing project that will have an economic and national security impact.

Best Use of Social Media

  • 1st place: | The Post-Standard, Twin baby elephants born at Syracuse Zoo, George Owens, Sunny Hernandez, N. Scott Trimble
  • 2nd place: Newhouse School at Syracuse University, Entitled to Equality, Staff
  • Honorable Mention: @SyracuseHistory, David Haas

Judges’ comment on winner: Social media was made for news such as these baby elephants and made the most of it with wonderful video to help tell the story of these rare pachyderms.

All Photography

The Carl Single Award for Best Spot News Photography

  • 1st place: Newhouse School at Syracuse University, Standoff on Westcott Street ends with one arrest, Ryan Brady

Best Feature Photo

  • 1st place: | The Post-Standard, Aunt Mamie Lou, Dennis Nett
  • 2nd place: Newhouse School at Syracuse University, Fair flyover, Kayla Breen
  • Honorable mention: Cortland Standard, Dryden’s Eye on the Future, Todd R. McAdam
(Anthony Broadwater holds the hand of his 99-year-old aunt, Mamie Lou Broadwater. Photo by Dennis Nett of The Post-Standard and

Best Portrait

  • 1st place: Newhouse School at Syracuse University, Obstacles to justice, James Year
  • 2nd place: | The Post-Standard, Ready to soar, N. Scott Trimble
  • Honorable mention: Central Current, Angela Ferguson with white corn grown on the Onondaga Nation Farm, Michael Greenlar
  • Honorable mention: Spectrum News, How sunflower seed oil is made, Emily Kenny

Judge’s comment on winner: Fantastic framing, lighting and exposure to create a photo that pops.

(Portrait of Payton Dunn by James Year, Newhouse School at Syracuse University)

Best Photo Essay

  • 1st place: Newhouse School at Syracuse University, In Their Words, TJ Shaw
  • 2nd place: Newhouse School at Syracuse University, Newhouse School at Syracuse University, Gavin Liddell
  • Honorable mention: Spectrum News, Abnormally dry conditions in Cortland County impact local dairy farmer, Emily Kenny
  • Honorable mention: Newhouse School at Syracuse University, Fright Night, Kayla Breen

Judge’s comment on winner: Wow. Your photos show a great amount of range. The portraits are stunning and varied. Phenomenal work.

(Part of a photo essay by TJ Shaw, Newhouse School at Syracuse University.)

Best Sports Photo

  • 1st place: The Citizen, Somersault throw-in, Kevin Rivoli
  • 2nd place: | The Post-Standard, The thrill of victory, Dennis Nett
  • Honorable mention: | The Post-Standard, In it to win it, Scott Schild
  • Honorable mention: | The Post-Standard, Class AA baseball quarterfinal: West Genesee defeats Syracuse, Charlie Miller

Judge’s comment on winner: Clear, wonderful catch. Difficult photo to get.

(Sports photo of Casey Kenan by Kevin Rivoli, The Citizen)

All Print

Best Editorial

  • 1st place: | The Post-Standard, Cuomo’s conduct may not have been criminal, but it’s still wrong, Marie Morelli
  • 2nd place: The Reporter, A “death gratuity” for shooting victims, Jonathan Karp
  • Honorable mention: The Citizen, Social media scrutiny for gun permits a step too far, Mike Dowd
  • Honorable mention: Cortland Standard, Irresponsible Legislators, Todd R. McAdam

Judge’s comment on winner: Journalism should speak truth to power and this editorial does that by holding the former governor accountable for his actions.

Best Print Spot News

  • 1st place: | The Post-Standard, Financial discrepancies at work preceded sheriff’s deputy’s murder-suicide, Douglass Dowty, Chris Libonati, Rylee Kirk, Tim Knauss
  • 2nd place: | The Post-Standard, Baby boy died when mom, boyfriend gave him fentanyl to calm him down, DA says, Anne Hayes

Judge’s comment on winner: Comprehensive reporting and timely updates to keep the public informed.

Best Critique

  • 1st place: The Citizen, ‘Catch Me’ at Merry-Go-Round about characters more than cons, David Wilcox
  • 2nd place: | The Post-Standard, Rocket Man Elton John jets into JMA Wireless Dome to say farewell to Syracuse, Jules Struck
  • Honorable mention: | The Post-Standard, Paul McCartney leads Syracuse to fab fountain of youth, Geoff Herbert

Best Print Investigative Story or Series

  • 1st place: | The Post-Standard, Alice Sebold case: How race and incompetence doomed Anthony Broadwater to prison, Doug Dowty, Tim Knauss
  • 2nd place: Central Current, Death of premature baby born at Syracuse jail under state investigation, Chris Libonati.
  • Honorable Mention: The Palladium Times, The saga of George Heys — A man missing for more than 40 years, Xiana Fontno  

Judge’s comment on winner: Comprehensive probe into how a criminal case went bad. Great details and writing tell the story of how justice was finally served.

Best Headline Writing

  • 1st place: Central New York Magazine Smoothie Operator; Felt Cute; One to Watch, Amy Bleier Long
  • 2nd place: Central New York Magazine, Sipping on Summer; Clay There; On a Roll, Amy Bleier Long
  • Honorable mention: Advance Media New York, If You’re Up For It; Pitch, Please!; H2 Whoa!, MJ Kravec

Judge’s comment on winner: I like that they are easy and fun to read. Sometimes headlines can be too complicated.

Best Column

  • 1st place: | The Post-Standard, My call with Jim Boeheim: In talking retirement, Syracuse basketball coach keeps everyone guessing, Brent Axe
  • 2nd place: The Stand Newspaper, Seeking Redemption, Habakkuk Nickens
  • Honorable mention: | The Post-Standard, Hidden Gems of CNY: A Baldwinsville diner that takes you back in time for a hearty meal, Charlie Miller

Print Daily

Best Daily Human Interest Feature or Series

  • 1st place: | The Post-Standard, The strong man. The farmer. The carnie. The dancer. Behind the scenes with the NYS Fair’s unsung heroes, Steve Featherstone
  • 2nd place: | The Post-Standard, Where to go when you gotta go: 10 of the best restrooms at the NY State Fair, Charlie Miller and Jules Struck
  • Honorable mention: | The Post-Standard, Man hit by train has no obituary, but at Syracuse Burger King they saved him a seat, Marnie Eisenstadt

Best Daily Sports Story

  • 1st place: | The Post-Standard, Christy Martin won her last boxing title in Syracuse. Then came a fight for survival, George Owens
  • 2nd place: | The Post-Standard, Too tired to kick, his selfless act sums up Syracuse’s unlikely soccer champs: ‘A magical bunch of misfits’, Chris Carlson
  • Honorable mention: The Palladium-Times, McAleer was a walk-on at Oswego State — then she ran with the opportunity, Benjamin Grieco

Judge’s comment on winner: Compelling, heartfelt profile. Lede, structure, flow were excellent.

Best Daily News Feature or Series

  • 1st place: | The Post-Standard, Onondaga County Government – a coup and an aquarium, Michelle Breidenbach
  • 2nd place: | The Post-Standard, A CNY gay teen shares his ‘biggest challenge’; school’s response sets off a storm, Elizabeth Doran
  • Honorable mention: | The Post-Standard, Teens who kill: Syracuse’s alarming death toll spreads heartbreak across city, Marnie Eisenstadt, Douglass Dowty
  • Honorable mention: Central Current, South Side legislator, displaced by urban renewal as a kid, reps district at a crossroads, Chris Libonati

Judge’s comment on winner: A well-reported and insightful package of stories about a big change of political control at one of Syracuse’s local governments, and what that means for local residents–all published within days of those events happening. Well done!

Print Non-Daily or Special Interest

Best Non-Daily Sports Story

  • 1st place: The Stand Newspaper, Amir Anderson Isn’t Done After Winning the 2022 USA Boxing National Qualifier, Dean Zulkofske
  • 2nd place: The Catholic Sun, When CBA’s Cariseo coaches, ‘they know where they stand’, Tom Maguire

Best Non-Daily News Feature or Series

  • 1st place: The Stand Newspaper, Humanitarian Parole, Jeff Kramer
  • 2nd place: The Stand Newspaper, McCarthy Manor Tenants: STOP! Condemn ‘Unacceptable’ Conditions, Eddie Velazquez
  • The Catholic Sun, Gabby and John are getting married, Dc. Tom Cuskey

Judge’s comment on winner: This was an impressive category of strong entries, however, Jeff Kramer’s compelling story of those who escaped from Afghanistan rose to the top. Using the voices of those unconventional refugees, the writer conveys the unprecedented uncertainty and heartbreak of those in the U.S. who fear for the lives of loved ones left behind, deal with mental health issues and a looming asylum deadline. While the evacuation is no longer in the news, Kramer deftly shines a light on those still dealing with the dire effects of the action. Great job.

Best Non-Daily Human Interest Feature or Series

  • 1st place: The Stand Newspaper, It Takes a Village, Lizzy Reardon
  • 2nd place: Central New York Magazine, Paws-itive Energy, Mary Jo (MJ) Kravec, Alaina Potrikus, Sue Santola

Judge’s comment on winner: What a great presentation of a serious community issue told through the eyes of person who experienced it and is now helping others have better outcomes. The author introduced us to the person first then to the issue bringing forward the humanity. A reader comes away from this piece not only feeling they are part of the story but maybe even part of the solution by gaining this knowledge.


Best Radio/Podcast Human Interest Feature

  • 1st place: WRVO Public Media, Lost Fort Ontario opera to be performed again more than 75 years later, Ava Pukatch
  • 2nd place: WRVO Public Media, How to Dance in Ohio’ makes world-premiere in Syracuse, centers on autistic characters, Ava Pukatch

Best Radio/Podcast Spot News

  • 1st place: WRVO Public Media, ‘It’s everything.’ Local, state officials react to Micron’s $100B investment in CNY, Ellen Abbott

Judge’s comment on winner: Polished presentation that packs a lot of information into a short segment. Well done.

Best Radio/Podcast News Feature or Series

  • 1st place: The Stand Newspaper, My South Side: “Path to Permanency” ; “A Polarizing Promise”; “Reporter Debrief”, Abby Fritz
  • 2nd place: WAER FM 88.3 Syracuse Public Media, Onondaga Count bought Clay properties at premium prices to attract chip maker, Scott Willis

Judge’s comment on winner: People forget about Afghanistan. The Stand’s My South Side podcast series instead gives Afghanis living in Syracuse the spotlight. This people-focused series explores the trauma and uncertainty of local refugees and reminds listeners that America’s complicated connection to Afghanistan continues.

Best Radio/Podcast Sports Show

  • 1st place: | The Post-Standard, Shout! The Buffalo Football Podcast, Matt Parrino, Ryan Talbot
  • 2nd place: Galaxy Media TK99, Gomez and Company, Glenn “Gomez” Adams, TeNesha Murphy

Best Radio/Podcast Special Program

  • 1st place: WAER FM 88.3 Syracuse Public Media, Syracuse Speaks: Central New York’s Fresh Water, Katie Zilcosky, Tarryn Mento, Kevin Kloss
  • 2nd place: WAER FM 88.3 Syracuse Public Media, Syracuse Writers Groups brings holiday theater to WAER airwaves, Cal Dougherty, Dan Gurzynski, Chris Bolt

Judge’s comment on winner: I’m really impressed in general with WAER’s program “Syracuse Speaks.” Particularly because I’m guessing this is often produced by reporters who juggle other duties, including “Morning Edition” hosting and general assignment filing. This important, community-based public affairs show seems to be a vital conversation. From my glance at the various episodes, it appears that often this program localizes big stories, which news stations should actively be doing more of. I noted the strong presence from both the host setting up the piece and the reporter who leads the package. The Syracuse community is served well by “Syracuse Speaks” and this program specifically educates its people about an issue they may overlook or not fully grasp the various ways it affects them. Well done.  

(Iris St. Meran receives the Bill Carey Award for Journalist of the Year, photo by Herm Card)


Best Television Investigative Story or Series

  • 1st place: WWNY, Millions of gallons of sewage dumped into river, and the state allows it, Jeff Cole, Chad Charette
  • 2nd place: Spectrum News 1, Watertown Homeless Left Out in Snow, Brian Dwyer
  • Honorable Mention: WWNY, What’s behind animal shelter’s high kill rate?, Diane Rutherford

Best Special Program

  • 1st place: WSYR-TV, Tiny Terror: The Truth About Ticks, Nicole Sommavilla, Christina Galvin, Jack Estabrook, Jim Lamanna, Tom Cunningham, Cody Wolf, Sabrina Betts
  • 2nd place: WSTM/WTVH, Sextortion and Student Suicides, Megan Coleman, Michael Benny, Andy Wolf
  • Honorable Mention: Spectrum News 1, Reliving a Miracle: 42 Years After Gold, Brian Dwyer, Jeff Goldberg, Andrew Hill, Mike Kuehner, Matt Soriano, Tom Maroney
  • Honorable Mention: WSYR-TV, Honoring Black History Mind, Body and Soul, Iris St. Meran, Jack Estabrook, Ben Augustine, Kieran Coffey, Melissa Thorne, Cody Wolf, Jim Lamanna, Christina Galvin

Judge’s comment on winner: WSYR’s exploration of the increasing dangers of tick diseases stands out in a category with many excellent special programs. Poignant segments about several women, including the program’s host, who survived horrible, near-death experiences coupled with the scientific research into the diseases are outstanding.

Best Television Sports Show

  • 1st place: Spectrum News 1, Orange Empire: Can’t Count Us Out, Dan Scharfenberger, Jesse MacWilliam, Kate Callaway, Jackson Wang, Tom Maroney, Mike Kuehner
  • 2nd place: WSYR-TV, Orange Nation August 29, 2022, Steve Infanti, Mario Sacco, Alex Sims

Best Television Sportscast

  • 1st place: WSTM/WTVH, SU Men’s Soccer Wins it all, Tommy Sladek

Judge’s comment on winner: Good interviews. Especially liked the info on the goalie, who transferred and got his moment in the sun.

Best Television Sports Story

• 1st place: Spectrum News 1, Fowler graduate makes U.S. Amputee Soccer Team, Jesse MacWilliam

• 2nd place: WSTM/WTVH, The Weight of Athletics, Samantha Croston, Westbrook Shortell

• Honorable Mention: WWNY, Legendary Basketball Team reunion, Rob Krone

Best Weathercast

  • 1st place: WSTM/WTVH, The Weight of Snow, Violet Scibior
  • 2nd place: WSYR-TV, Hazardous Weather, Flash Freeze, Kate Thornton

Judge’s comment on winner: Fantastic demonstration on how temperatures interact with water to create snow and the effects that snow has on our homes. The graphics were great, attention-keeping and effective.

Best Television Spot News

  • 1st place: WSYR-TV, Cortland County Storms, WSYR-TV Staff

Judge’s comment on winner: Great in-depth/multi-faceted coverage of a breaking story.

Best Television Video Journalism

  • 1st place: Spectrum News 1, Mike Kuehner Compilation, Mike Kuehner
  • 2nd place: WWNY, Arts All-Star: Landen Snyder, Trevor Payant

Best Television Human Interest Feature or Series

  • 1st place: WSYR-TV, Asian Americans Standing Strong, Adrienne Smith, Jack Estabrook
  • 2nd place: Spectrum News 1, Chimesmaster Goes Viral, Krystal Cole
  • Honorable Mention: WSTM/WTVH, “It’s a poem without writing on paper:” Syracuse teen pursues his ballet dream, Frankie Jupiter, Andy Wolf
  • Honorable Mention: Spectrum News 1, Syracuse Jazz Fest, one of nation’s longest running, returns with unifying messages, Devon Patton, Tom Maroney, Mike Kuehner

Judge’s comment on winner: A wonderful series celebrating members of numerous Asian-American communities told during Asian Pacific Heritage Month, including a local police officer, restaurant owner, university teacher, grocery store owner, and young filmmaker. We need more stories showing positivity, resilience, and unity.

Best Television Regularly Scheduled Local Newscast

  • 1st place: WSTM/WTVH, 7PM Newscast: Neulander Convicted Again, CNYCentral Staff
  • 2nd place: WWNY, 7NEWS This Evening with Jeff Cole, Jeff Cole, Erin Bischoff, 7NEWS Team
  • Honorable Mention: Spectrum News 1, 11/14/22 7am Newscast of Your Morning, Dan Scharfenberger, Michelle Houston, Maricruz Reyes, Lacey Leonardi, Devon Patton, Jack Durkin, Nick Endres

Best Television News Feature Short From (less than 2:30)

  • 1st place: Spectrum News 1, 17-year-old pilot flies across the country to help vets, Vince Briga
  • 2nd place: Spectrum News 1, Cop on the streets looks to build bonds, Vince Briga
  • Honorable Mention: WWNY, Janitor hits lottery, Emily Griffin

Judge’s comment on winner: An interesting look at a young man on a mission. Nice job.

Best Television News Feature Long Form (2:30+)

  • 1st place: WSTM/WTVH, A Mom’s View on January 6, Michael Benny, Andy Wolf
  • 2nd place: WSYR-TV, Syracuse Honor Flight, Ryan Dean, Shawn Wayson
  • Honorable Mention: WSYR-TV, Twin Miracles Baby Elephants, Andrew Donovan, Jack Estabrook
  • Honorable Mention: WSTM/WTVH, Did a Daycare Worker’s Reports Go Ignored?, Conor Wight, Andy Wolf

Judge’s comment on winner: Powerful interview with crisp writing and storytelling. An emotional piece.

Student Journalism

Best Student Radio/Podcast News Feature Story

  • 1st place: WICB-FM Ithaca Now, Electric Vehicles for Earth Day, Jay Bradley
  • 2nd place: Newhouse School at Syracuse University, The Secret Letters, John Perik

Judge’s comment on winner: Very professionally done. The editing and the delivery were excellent, and the story was very well written.

Best Student Radio/Podcast Sports Story

  • 1st place: Newhouse School at Syracuse University, Youth athletes speed down 90-meter ski ramps at Empire Games, Trey Redfield
  • 2nd place: WICB-FM, Countdown to Kickoff: 63rd Annual Cortaca Jug Game Open, Nicholas Lubrano

About the first place winner, the judges wrote: Fun, interesting story with terrific interviews.

Best Student Use of Multimedia

  • 1st place: Newhouse School at Syracuse University, Entitled to Equality, Entitled to Equality Staff

Judge’s comment on winner: Excellent reporting on a topic that affects all of us, and which for many people is deemed ancient and settled history. This package sets that impression straight. I was impressed with the coverage, which was thoughtful and both broad and deep. Strong use of multimedia makes a very large package enjoyable to browse and read.

Best Student Print/Digital News Story

  • 1st place: Newhouse School at Syracuse University, Sexual assault too often unpunished on college campuses, Sneha KC, Abigail Jones, Natalia M. Pérez-Gonzalez
  • 2nd place: Newhouse School at Syracuse University, Women Healing Women, Rebecca Meluch
  • Honorable mention: Utica University Tangerine, Confidential presidential search raises concerns on campus, Isabella Hudziak, Hollie David

Best Student Print/Digital Feature Story

  • 1st place: Newhouse School at Syracuse University, Where Light Comes Through, Ellen Mintzer
  • 2nd place: The Daily Orange, Robert Anae started his coaching career in a small Idaho town 30 years ago, Connor Smith
  • Honorable mention: Newhouse School at Syracuse University, Museum-goers encouraged to question the truth at MoMA’s “To look without fear,” Natalie Rieth

Judge’s comment on winner: If I wasn’t judging student entries, I never would have guessed this was a piece written by a student. The piece starts off with a strong, beautifully written lede, and by the end, I felt like I knew the artist.

Best Student Print/Digital Sports Story

  • 1st place: The Daily Orange, Syracuse pulls out miraculous last-second win over Purdue to improve to 3-0, Connor Smith
  • 2nd place: The Daily Orange, Syracuse falls to Minnesota 28-20 in Pinstripe Bowl to conclude once-hopeful season, Connor Smith
  • Honorable mention: The Daily Orange, Those close to Greg Robinson recall his generosity, passion for football, Connor Smith

Judge’s comment on winner: Well told, well written, good word choice, great lede. A trifecta of great work by Connor Smith.

Best Student Television/Video News Story

  • 1st place: Ithaca College Television (ICTV), ICTV Reports – Ithaca is Gorges, But Dangerous, Grant Johnson
  • 2nd place: Syracuse University- NCC News, The SYR Airport’s New Plan to Boost Competition, Louise Rath
  • Honorable mention: Ithaca College Television (ICTV), ICTV Reports – Ithaca Starbucks Employees Campaign to Unionize, Emily Hung

Judge’s comment on winner: Solid story, certainly a benefit to a college-aged audience.

Best Student Television/Video Feature Story

  • 1st place: Syracuse University- NCC News, Paying Forward the American Dream, Louise Rath
  • 2nd place: Newhouse School at Syracuse University, Never Stand Still, Averi Coppa, Manuel Serrano
  • Honorable mention: Syracuse University- NCC News, SU’s Secret Society of Music Makers, Louise Rath
  • Honorable mention: Newhouse School at Syracuse University, Breaking the Football Barrier, Lauren Helmbrecht, Dean Zulkofske

Judge’s comment on winner: Beautiful story, well produced, well laid out and well told. Excellent work.

Best Student Television Sports Story

  • 1st place: CitrusTV, The Legacy of Gary Gait, Nick Luttrell
  • 2nd place: Syracuse University – NCC News, Dan’s Buzzer Beater, Dan Mallea

Judge’s comment on winner: Fun story. Good use of video, good interviews. Well done.

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