SPC extends support to journalists potentially exposed to coronavirus

The Syracuse Press Club extends its support to working journalists who were potentially exposed to the coronavirus during a press conference this week, and who have daily put their health and safety at risk to perform essential jobs during this pandemic.

Binghamton Mayor Richard David disclosed Thursday that he had tested positive for Covid-19. Several reporters were in attendance at a press conference with David on Wednesday. Local newsrooms have quarantined reporters as a precaution since.

At the Syracuse Press Club, we know that this is just one of many potentially risky situations that Central New York journalists have encountered on the job since March. Apart from the coronavirus pandemic, journalists often put their health and safety on the line in order to report the news. Any time journalists are endangered while at work, that is a threat to the public’s ability to know what is going on in their community.

We are here to support our colleagues during this challenging time. We hope the quarantines remain a precautionary measure, and we are thankful that attendees and participants of the press conference took proper steps, including wearing face masks and social distancing, to lower the risk to everyone who was there. We commend the reporters and newsroom leaders who have made the responsible choice to quarantine anyone potentially exposed at this time.

Finally, we encourage all newsmakers and journalists to practice these needed precautions. The public’s right to know is at stake.