SPC board proposes slate of officers for 2021

NOTICE: The Syracuse Press Club Board of Directors at its January 2021 meeting nominated the following slate of candidates as its board for the next year. Pursuant to the club’s bylaws, the slate is published for a month before a vote is held at a board meeting, scheduled for Feb. 2, 2021 at 6 p.m.

All members are invited to attend and can vote. Contact the board at syracusepressclub@gmail.com for a Zoom link to the meeting if you would like to attend.

PRESIDENT: Katrina Tulloch

VICE PRESIDENT: Patrick Lohmann

SECRETARY: Julie McMahon

TREASURER: Jacob Pucci


DIRECTOR (term ends 2023): Charles McChesney


*DIRECTOR (term ends 2022): Michael Riecke

*DIRECTOR (term ends 2022): Kenneth Sturtz

*DIRECTOR (term ends 2022): Katelynn Ulrich

*DIRECTOR (term ends 2022): Charlie Miller

*PAST PRESIDENT: Josh Cradduck


*denotes position is not up for re-election this year

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