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May 2, 2015

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  • Dean Baquet still unsure about future of national race beat

    New York Times

    New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet hasn’t yet decided what will become of The New York Times’ national race beat now that Tanzina Vega has been reassigned to cover the Bronx courthouse, public editor Margaret Sullivan reported Thursday:

    At this point, he said, “I haven’t decided what to do about the beat, but I know that it has to be covered paper-wide.

    Baquet told Sullivan that although the future of Vega’s beat is uncertain, The New York Times will provide “paper-wide” coverage of race. Deputy Executive Editor Susan Chira told Sullivan that because issues of race are of critical importance, covering them shouldn’t be confined “to one reporter or beat.”

    Sullivan also called the timing of Vega’s reassignment “odd” in light of the recent news surrounding the death of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Tamir Rice.

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  • Al Jazeera English news director tells employees to continue leaking memos

    Al Jazeera English has a plan to deal with the recent leaks that have aired the organization’s preferences regarding style and usage: invite its employees to keep leaking.

    Salah Negm, director of news at Al Jazeera English, sent a memo to employees Thursday with the subject line “TO BE LEAKED.” In it, Negm thanks the employee or employees who have leaked memos about the news organization’s attitude toward events such as the Charlie Hebdo shooting and decisions not to use the words “terrorist” and “Islamist”:

    Whoever forwarded these emails on to their friends, I personally thank you for offering a huge service to our channel. I have always been in favour of being transparent and open we have nothing to hide.

    In the future we will put all our style guide and editorial guidelines online for public consumption, because there is nothing that we hide and nothing that we are afraid of.

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  • Indiana governor cancels controversial news site

    Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has told the Indiana press corps that he plans to cancel “Just IN,” a proposed state-run news source that some feared would be used as an end-around the press.

    Maureen Hayden, Indiana statehouse bureau chief for Community Newspaper Holdings Inc., tweeted that Pence ordered the website shut down.

    IN Gov Pence orders controversial Just IN website terminated. Statehouse press just notified.

    — Maureen Hayden (@MaureenHayden) January 29, 2015

    News of the proposed site, which was reported by The Indianapolis Star earlier this week, sparked controversy among journalism organizations including the Society of Professional Journalists, which said it would be following the development of the proposed site.

    In place of the site, Pence will “update the current public calendar website” run by the state of Indiana, Tim Swarens reports for the Indianapolis Star.

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