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May 3, 2014

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  • Andrew Beaujon heading for Washingtonian

    Poynter’s news editor, Andrew Beaujon, announced to staff Friday that he’s leaving for Washingtonian, where he’ll be a senior editor.

    “I’m grateful that Poynter gave me a shot as a media blogger,” Beaujon said. “I’ve loved my time here and care deeply about my coworkers. I have grown a lot in this job and learned so much.”

    Beaujon came to Poynter in 2012 and he has most proudly worked as media blogger in that time. At the Washingtonian, Beaujon will return to local news.

    “Anyone who knows me knows I love doing local news, especially news about the D.C. area,” he said. “And I’m very excited to finally work with Mike Schaffer, who I’ve admired for a long time, at a publication I grew up reading.”

    At Washingtonian, he’ll work on the magazine’s digital strategy, he said, and still write about the media.

    “I look forward to working in an office with other humans and relearning how to dress myself before I begin work,” he said. Read more

  • In St. Louis, high school journalists are telling their own stories about Ferguson

    Jennifer Fowler watched news as it flowed out of Ferguson, Missouri, in August. She felt scared. She wanted to know what was real. And she wanted to tell the story herself.

    When her senior year finally started at McCluer North High School in neighboring Florissant, Missouri, she got the chance. Along with her staff, Fowler, the editor-in-chief of McCluer’s newspaper, focused on the stories they could tell — about Parents for Peace, a group that set up a makeshift school when the Ferguson-Florissant schools were delayed, about students who went to the protests, about what it meant to wait for school to start.

    #Ferguson slants across McCluer North’s yearbook’s cover, too. It’s faint gray on a black background, near the top. The hashtag, the place and what has happened since August is a part of their year now.

    Screenshot from the opening spread of McCluer North's yearbook.

    Screenshot from the opening spread of McCluer North’s yearbook. “I didn’t think we were ever going to come back.”

    Six days

    Yearbook Editor-in-Chief Melissa Moore’s story on Ferguson begins with this introduction:

    Six days.

    Read more
  • 3 lessons from the G20 Summit ‘Factcheckathon’

    Earlier this week, nine fact-checking websites joined forces to fact-check the statements made by world leaders during the G20 summit in Australia. Glenn Kessler wrote about the results in The Washington Post. I coordinated this first factcheckathon with Cristina Tardàguila from O Globo and took home three important lessons.

    1. Global fact-checking experiments can yield useful results for comparative politics
      Our fact-checking network caught three of the eight world leaders we were monitoring saying essentially the same thing: Ahmet Davutoglu of Turkey, Barack Obama of the USA and Matteo Renzi of Italy all said something along the lines of “large amounts of jobs were created under my government” – and then proceeded to inflate their records. What was interesting was not so much that politicians chose to dabble with figures, but that they did so in such a similar manner. While the rhetoric and imagery deployed by politicians may vary greatly across countries, facts are facts everywhere.
    Read more
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33 Addington, Harold Administrator 3202
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66 Daugherty, Jean Administrator 5656
67 Curtis, Ron Administrator 6229
"Everything is being compressed into tiny tablets. You take a little pill of news every day—23 minutes—and that’s supposed to be enough."
--Walter Cronkite

Wall of Distinction

Robert R. Haggart

The Post-Standard


Herald American

“This is my valentine to Brenda Marie McCabe Haggart. Unfortunately, this valentine will not look or taste as good as those hearts that grade school teachers in Kansas helped me cut out and paste on big pieces of red paper. I can still taste the paste. It tasted almost as good as a peanut-butter sandwich. Writing this public confession of joy may seem a little arrogant on my part, Brenda, since I didn't ask you if I could do it. But you owe me one. My voice is gone.”
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