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May 2, 2015

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  • ‘This American Life’ to address retracted segments on air

    This week’s broadcast of “This American Life” will include a note from host Ira Glass addressing an academic article, used in a previous episode of the show, that has come under heavy fire this week.

    The study, which purported to show how individuals could be swayed on the issue of same-sex marriage by talking to gay people, was featured in episode 555 of “This American Life,” “The Incredible Rarity of Changing Your Mind.” The article was also covered by several major news organizations, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post and The Wall Street Journal.

    “I talk about it in a program note in this week’s show, and refer listeners to our website where we tell the full story of the Science article’s retraction,” Glass told Poynter via email. Read more

  • Judy Woodruff to PBS ombud: ‘What you wrote was unfair’


    “PBS NewsHour” co-anchor Judy Woodruff on Friday responded to a post from PBS ombudsman Michael Getler calling her donations to an initiative by the Clinton Foundation “a mistake.”

    I’m a longtime admirer of your work, as a journalist and as ombudsman, but what you wrote was unfair. To lump what I did in 2010 under the simple heading of “Clinton” ignores the facts and the context. I gave $250 two days after the Haiti earthquake struck in 2010, to an emergency relief fund, and in response to one of the first appeals to cross my desk when we were witnessing wall-to-wall scenes of death and devastation. I am a journalist, but I also am a citizen who supports non-partisan, charitable causes when I feel so moved.

    Read more
  • This week on Medium: 6 media stories you may have missed

    Links shared in Poynter’s internal Slack channel are quite frequently from Medium and almost always about journalism and media (although sometimes not.) So this week, we’re trying something new and gathering them up here. Throughout the week, let me know what you’re reading on Medium and we’ll try to include it next Friday, if we try this again. Here are six things about journalism from Medium this week (with thanks to Ren LaForme and Vidisha Priyanka for helping curate.)

    Lessons on using WhatsApp for publishing — an election experience

    On May 18, Paul Bradshaw wrote about how students at Birmingham City University used WhatsApp for election updates during the U.K.’s recent election.

    Frankly… they nailed it. In the process they learned a lot, so I thought I’d share some of the things that came up throughout the process — as well as the experiences of the person responsible for the Mirror‘s political WhatsApp account in the week leading up to the election.

    Read more
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# Article Title Author Hits
1 Hart Seely Lou Gulino 6812
2 Ron Lombard Lou Gulino 8453
3 John Krauss Lou Gulino 5257
4 Janis Barth Lou Gulino 7396
5 Robert Atkinson Lou Gulino 5432
6 Funeral Arrangements for Jerry Barsha Lou Gulino 4109
7 Sylvahn, J. Luther Administrator 4458
8 Graeff, Ron Administrator 8800
9 Bunn, Tim Administrator 8695
10 Green, Maureen Administrator 10851
11 Robinson, Rosemary Administrator 3738
12 Henderson, Emanuel "Blair" Administrator 4404
13 Haggart, Robert Administrator 5004
14 Ennis, Paul Administrator 4083
15 Carey, Bill Administrator 5936
16 Shepperd, Walt Administrator 3870
17 Speziale, Donna Administrator 3775
18 Mareiniss, Joel Administrator 6287
19 Heyman, Fred Administrator 5268
20 Gorman, J. Leonard Administrator 5546
21 Atseff, Tim Administrator 4240
22 Rossi, Frank Administrator 4444
23 Pinckney, Leo Administrator 3680
24 Loomis, Linda Administrator 4408
25 Long, Richard Administrator 4856
26 Hofmann, Phillip Administrator 3713
27 Barsha, Jerry Administrator 5089
28 Smokes, Saundra Administrator 4545
29 Rogers, Stephen A. Administrator 3741
30 Price, Mike Administrator 7660
31 Grunfeld, Walter Administrator 4082
32 Ayers, Liz Administrator 7693
33 Addington, Harold Administrator 3750
34 Sparrow, Kenneth Administrator 3755
35 Robinson, Jackie Administrator 7614
36 O'Leary, Cornelius Administrator 4168
37 Griffin, Eddie Administrator 3494
38 Clark, Wesley Administrator 3826
39 Brigham, Andy Administrator 5406
40 Vanderveer, Karel "Bud" Administrator 5041
41 Schartz, Veronica Administrator 3826
42 Peterson, Art Administrator 3695
43 Morse, Jack Administrator 4472
44 Gallinger, Roy Administrator 3316
45 Edwards, Don Administrator 5808
46 Apikian, Nevart Administrator 4002
47 Wood, Rod Administrator 4582
48 Roth, A. Brohmann Administrator 3397
49 Rogers, Stephen Administrator 4185
50 Parton, Red Administrator 7577
51 Hand-Wright, Laura Administrator 12299
52 Franklin-King, Karin Administrator 3589
53 Eilenberg, Carl Administrator 5091
54 Case, Dick Administrator 5432
55 Vosburgh, Lois Administrator 3489
56 Vadeboncoeur, Joan Administrator 4317
57 Vadeboncoeur, E.R. Administrator 6240
58 Rossi, Mario Administrator 4299
59 Porcello, Joseph Administrator 5170
60 LaRue, Arlene Administrator 3575
61 Jones, Alexander Administrator 3572
62 Hillegas, Fred Administrator 3954
63 Ganley, Joe Administrator 4290
64 Duffy, Nancy Administrator 3865
65 Bliven, Luther Administrator 4689
66 Daugherty, Jean Administrator 6366
67 Curtis, Ron Administrator 6860
"It’s all storytelling, you know. That’s what journalism is all about."
--Tom Brokaw, NBC News

Wall of Distinction

Timothy Bunn

The Post-Standard

Timothy Bunn, a native Syracusan, recently retired in February 2007 from The Post-Standard after a 33-year newspaper career. Twenty-six of those years were spent working in Syracuse, for the evening Herald-Journal, Sunday Herald American and The Post-Standard.

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