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39th Annual Professional Recognition Awards and Scholarship Dinner

May 6, 2017, 6 PM cocktails, 7 PM dinner

at Drumlins Country Club, 800 Nottingham Road

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Wall of Distinction Honorees
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# Article Title Author Hits
1 Hart Seely Lou Gulino 11510
2 Ron Lombard Lou Gulino 14391
3 John Krauss Lou Gulino 10506
4 Janis Barth Lou Gulino 12545
5 Robert Atkinson Lou Gulino 10597
6 Funeral Arrangements for Jerry Barsha Lou Gulino 8762
7 Sylvahn, J. Luther Administrator 9130
8 Graeff, Ron Administrator 14552
9 Bunn, Tim Administrator 14764
10 Green, Maureen Administrator 19936
11 Robinson, Rosemary Administrator 6982
12 Henderson, Emanuel "Blair" Administrator 7632
13 Haggart, Robert Administrator 8359
14 Ennis, Paul Administrator 7556
15 Carey, Bill Administrator 10211
16 Shepperd, Walt Administrator 7352
17 Speziale, Donna Administrator 7085
18 Mareiniss, Joel Administrator 10546
19 Heyman, Fred Administrator 8648
20 Gorman, J. Leonard Administrator 9197
21 Atseff, Tim Administrator 8121
22 Rossi, Frank Administrator 8166
23 Pinckney, Leo Administrator 7249
24 Loomis, Linda Administrator 7746
25 Long, Richard Administrator 8291
26 Hofmann, Phillip Administrator 7140
27 Barsha, Jerry Administrator 9536
28 Smokes, Saundra Administrator 8376
29 Rogers, Stephen A. Administrator 7042
30 Price, Mike Administrator 12140
31 Grunfeld, Walter Administrator 7601
32 Ayers, Liz Administrator 12025
33 Addington, Harold Administrator 7512
34 Sparrow, Kenneth Administrator 7385
35 Robinson, Jackie Administrator 11545
36 O'Leary, Cornelius Administrator 7490
37 Griffin, Eddie Administrator 6689
38 Clark, Wesley Administrator 6979
39 Brigham, Andy Administrator 10092
40 Vanderveer, Karel "Bud" Administrator 8274
41 Schartz, Veronica Administrator 7070
42 Peterson, Art Administrator 6827
43 Morse, Jack Administrator 8119
44 Gallinger, Roy Administrator 6439
45 Edwards, Don Administrator 9853
46 Apikian, Nevart Administrator 7719
47 Wood, Rod Administrator 8871
48 Roth, A. Brohmann Administrator 6779
49 Rogers, Stephen Administrator 7663
50 Parton, Red Administrator 11331
51 Hand-Wright, Laura Administrator 19783
52 Franklin-King, Karin Administrator 6946
53 Eilenberg, Carl Administrator 8393
54 Case, Dick Administrator 10514
55 Vosburgh, Lois Administrator 6594
56 Vadeboncoeur, Joan Administrator 7723
57 Vadeboncoeur, E.R. Administrator 9506
58 Rossi, Mario Administrator 7483
59 Porcello, Joseph Administrator 8650
60 LaRue, Arlene Administrator 6805
61 Jones, Alexander Administrator 6896
62 Hillegas, Fred Administrator 7432
63 Ganley, Joe Administrator 7683
64 Duffy, Nancy Administrator 7170
65 Bliven, Luther Administrator 8807
66 Daugherty, Jean Administrator 10365
67 Curtis, Ron Administrator 10742
"If none of us ever read a book that was “dangerous,” had a friend who was “different” or joined an organization that advocated “change,” we would all be just the kind of people Joe McCarthy wants. Whose fault is that? Not really [McCarthy’s]. He didn’t create this situation of fear. He merely exploited it, and rather successfully."
--Edward R. Murrow

Wall of Distinction


Nancy Duffy

Club President: 1991-92

   In 1967, Nancy Duffy joined the staff of WHEN and became the first woman news broadcaster in Central New York. She remained in broadcasting for almost 40 years. But, she is probably as well or better known as the founder and former president of the Syracuse St. Patrick's Parade, which she started in 1983. The parade has become one of Syracuse's largest community events.

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