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May 2, 2015

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  • BBC host after on-air interruption: ‘It was a blue whale! Live!’


    On Sunday, the BBC’s Steve Backshall reported live from Monterey, California, for the show “Big Blue Live,” when he got word that a blue whale had been spotted. Mashable’s Blathnaid Healy wrote about the broadcast on Monday, noting it was the first time a blue whale had been broadcast on live TV.

    “This is one of the most extraordinary things I’ve ever seen,” Backshall said.

    When is it okay to abandon a live interview? When a blue whale suddenly appears behind you… #BigBlueLive

    — BBC One (@BBCOne) August 30, 2015

    I've always been teased about my over-enthusiasm,but…It was a blue whale! Live! A special & important moment #bigbluelive @BBCBigBlueLive

    — Steve Backshall (@SteveBackshall) August 30, 2015

    And then we got back to @MontereyAq harbour, & the humpback was still there!

    Read more
  • New press freedoms for students in North Dakota (yes, North Dakota)

    The Associated Press

    Did you figure on North Dakota as a free speech bastion?

    It appears that journalism students working at state public high school and college papers will do so with a lot more confidence in their own legal protections, according to The Associated Press:

    The measure that took effect this month guarantees student journalists the right to exercise free speech in school-sponsored media, regardless of whether the school supports the media financially or students participate as part of a class. The law puts North Dakota among a few states that have enacted legislation meant to counteract a 1980s U.S. Supreme Court ruling that said limits can be set on the free-press rights of high school students.

    That 1986 ruling offered a seemingly expansive view of a school’s authority when it came to discipline. Read more

  • Larry King live plots Larry King dead

    Good morning.

    1. CNN legend also plans to freeze himself

      Life's not been quite the same for workaholic, vain, celebrity-loving Larry King since CNN pulled the plug on the gabfest icon. He's now 81, on his seventh marriage (this one's gone for 18 years with just one brief hiatus after his fling with his much-younger wife's sister) and clearly obsessed with his death. So Larry King live is mulling Larry King dead. "King would love to attend his own funeral. He would watch invisibly over the proceedings and laugh. 'I would like the ceremony to begin, 'Today we are honoring a 160-year-old man who was caught in bed by an irate husband,’" King said in a characteristically droll Mark Leibovich profile.  ‘"And the funeral is late because it took six days to wipe the smile off his face.’"

      He wanted Mario Cuomo to speak, but Cuomo's gone.

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