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May 3, 2014

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  • Veteran photojournalist talks about going into hotspots

    Photojournalist Ron Haviv

    “The entire world is appalled by the brutal murder of Jim Foley by the terrorist group, ISIL,” President Barack Obama said on Wednesday. “He reported from difficult and dangerous places, bearing witness to the lives of people a world away.”

    Around the time of the speech, I was discussing the impact of honest photographic reporting on an Associated Press Photo Managers’ online panel. One the many takeaways from the panel: The role of the photojournalist is often misunderstood. These women and men see themselves as the eyes and ears of the community. One just needs to ponder the disconcerting experience of seeing this focused group of individuals who rush to the epicenter of drama and trauma while others flee for safety.… Read more

  • The journalists you meet on West Florissant Avenue

    Ryan Reilly, Alex Altman and Wesley Lowery work from the McDonald’s on West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson, Missouri. (Photo by Kristen Hare)

    It starts at the McDonald’s on West Florissant Avenue, as it should if the purpose is to write about journalists covering Ferguson, Missouri. Wednesday, those journalists and some of the people they’re covering met here, at the place where The Washington Post’s Wesley Lowery and The Huffington Post’s Ryan Reilly were arrested — before journalists getting arrested in Ferguson became a common story.

    And they’re here, of course, in the afternoon, plugged in and working. Time’s Washington correspondent Alex Altman sits nearby. So does Ben Casselman, chief economics reporter for FiveThirtyEight. The Boston Globe’s Akilah Johnson stops by. Other journalists sit and stand, cameras and videocameras resting on round high-top tables and the floor.… Read more

  • Will Steacy photographed The Philadelphia Inquirer’s turmoil for 3 years

    Will Steacy was in his New York apartment in 2011 when he got a call from his father in Philadelphia. It was bad news. After almost three decades at The Philadelphia Inquirer, his dad was being laid off.

    The call was painful. Steacy, a professional photographer, had spent the last three years chronicling financial hardship at the Inquirer for a project he called Deadline. Starting in 2009, he began capturing images that depicted the Inquirer’s struggle to survive during an era of diminished ad revenue: vacant desks, trash bins piled high with newsprint, an old typewriter being used as a bookend. Steacy took a break from the project for a month. When he came back, the first image he captured was of his dad’s old desk.… Read more

Wall of Distinction Honorees
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# Article Title Author Hits
1 Hart Seely Lou Gulino 5601
2 Ron Lombard Lou Gulino 6943
3 John Krauss Lou Gulino 3868
4 Janis Barth Lou Gulino 5916
5 Robert Atkinson Lou Gulino 4286
6 Funeral Arrangements for Jerry Barsha Lou Gulino 3196
7 Sylvahn, J. Luther Administrator 3452
8 Graeff, Ron Administrator 7307
9 Bunn, Tim Administrator 6842
10 Green, Maureen Administrator 7818
11 Robinson, Rosemary Administrator 3041
12 Henderson, Emanuel "Blair" Administrator 3455
13 Haggart, Robert Administrator 4274
14 Ennis, Paul Administrator 3399
15 Carey, Bill Administrator 5041
16 Shepperd, Walt Administrator 3154
17 Speziale, Donna Administrator 3083
18 Mareiniss, Joel Administrator 5012
19 Heyman, Fred Administrator 3747
20 Gorman, J. Leonard Administrator 4726
21 Atseff, Tim Administrator 3426
22 Rossi, Frank Administrator 3754
23 Pinckney, Leo Administrator 2998
24 Loomis, Linda Administrator 3767
25 Long, Richard Administrator 4229
26 Hofmann, Phillip Administrator 3098
27 Barsha, Jerry Administrator 4160
28 Smokes, Saundra Administrator 3693
29 Rogers, Stephen A. Administrator 2986
30 Price, Mike Administrator 6189
31 Grunfeld, Walter Administrator 3360
32 Ayers, Liz Administrator 6556
33 Addington, Harold Administrator 2960
34 Sparrow, Kenneth Administrator 3030
35 Robinson, Jackie Administrator 6714
36 O'Leary, Cornelius Administrator 3469
37 Griffin, Eddie Administrator 2827
38 Clark, Wesley Administrator 3181
39 Brigham, Andy Administrator 4552
40 Vanderveer, Karel "Bud" Administrator 3619
41 Schartz, Veronica Administrator 3128
42 Peterson, Art Administrator 3047
43 Morse, Jack Administrator 3768
44 Gallinger, Roy Administrator 2695
45 Edwards, Don Administrator 4856
46 Apikian, Nevart Administrator 3123
47 Wood, Rod Administrator 3639
48 Roth, A. Brohmann Administrator 2696
49 Rogers, Stephen Administrator 3534
50 Parton, Red Administrator 6759
51 Hand-Wright, Laura Administrator 10101
52 Franklin-King, Karin Administrator 2874
53 Eilenberg, Carl Administrator 4420
54 Case, Dick Administrator 4362
55 Vosburgh, Lois Administrator 2857
56 Vadeboncoeur, Joan Administrator 3492
57 Vadeboncoeur, E.R. Administrator 5444
58 Rossi, Mario Administrator 3689
59 Porcello, Joseph Administrator 4438
60 LaRue, Arlene Administrator 2955
61 Jones, Alexander Administrator 2910
62 Hillegas, Fred Administrator 3252
63 Ganley, Joe Administrator 3617
64 Duffy, Nancy Administrator 3165
65 Bliven, Luther Administrator 3664
66 Daugherty, Jean Administrator 5255
67 Curtis, Ron Administrator 5818
"Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost."
--Thomas Jefferson

Wall of Distinction


Dick Case


Herald American

The Post-Standard

Dick Case's start in journalism came during a high school English class in Marcellus when he wrote a column for a school news page produced by the class for the weekly Marcellus Observer.
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