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May 2, 2015

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  • Career Beat: Erick Erickson to leave RedState

    Good morning! Here are some career updates from the journalism community:

    • Lou Ferrara will leave The Associated Press. He is managing editor there. (Poynter)
    • Erick Erickson is leaving RedState. He is editor there. Leon Wolf will be managing editor at RedState. Previously, he was a contributor there. (The Huffington Post)
    • Jon Steinberg is leaving He is North America chief there. (The Wall Street Journal)

    Job of the day: The Virginian-Pilot is looking for a photographer. Get your resumes in! (Journalism Jobs)

    Send Ben your job moves: Read more

  • Twitter: Curators are not reporters
    Today, Twitter announced that its team of curators for its Moments feature do not qualify as journalists. (AP Photo)

    Today, Twitter announced that its team of curators for its Moments feature do not qualify as journalists. (AP Photo)

    Twitter | TechCrunch

    Twitter does not consider the staffers responsible for maintaining the company’s new curation feature to be reporters, the social network announced Tuesday in a list of rules and regulations governing the product.

    The guidelines, which debuted today timed to the launch of Moments, apply to the handful of curators employed by Twitter in New York and San Francisco to compile tweets around current events. According to the guidelines:

    • Curators aren’t journalists: “Our own curators do not act as reporters or creators of original content; instead, they organize and present compelling content that already exists on Twitter in a straightforward, easy-to-consume way.”

    • Not every story is worth a moment: Twitter moments should not “invade privacy, encourage illegal activities, exploit or harm minors, or make Twitter, Inc.
    Read more
  • Al Jazeera America digital workers vote to go union

    Digital workers at Al Jazeera America have voted to go union and thus join editorial workers at Gawker Media, Vice, Salon and The Guardian in what’s a modest but clear recent pro-labor trend.

    The unit comprises 50 workers, mostly in New York City, with the company late Tuesday dropping a challenge to whether nine editors should be included in the bargaining unit.

    The vote was 32 to 5 for joining the NewsGuild of New York. The National Labor Relations Board supervised the election, its first such involvement at any of the recently-unionized digital operations.

    “It’s too bad that this great day for AJAM journalists has been tainted by management’s opposition to giving nine senior members of its digital newsroom a greater say in how the newsroom operates,” Peter Szekely, president of the NewsGuild of New York, said several hours before the company dropped the challenge. Read more

Joan Vadeboncoeur


Herald American

Joan E. Vadeboncoeur, went to work at The Post-Standard as a reporter immediately after graduating from Sarah Lawrence College. But since she already had several years experience in theater work, she was a natural choice years later when the job of entertainment writer-editor opened at the Herald-Journal.
Joan, a life resident of the Syracuse area, began working in the box office of Famous Artists Country Playhouse in Fayetteville while still in high school. During summer vacations in college, Joan switched to the Famous Artists Country Playhouse in East Rochester, where she also worked in the box office and as assistant to the producer.

While studying theater at Sarah Lawrence, Joan gained more experience by working in a Broadway producer's office. Her jobs included working on "Midsummer," the play in which Geraldine Page made her Broadway bow. She also appeared in college productions.

After two years at The Post-Standard, Joan moved to the Herald-Journal as a general assignment reporter covering traffic accidents and other mishaps, and writing obituaries. She often rode in ambulances to accident scenes. Soon, her duties expanded as she filled in for vacationing movie and television writers.

Not too much later, Joan was appointed as music writer. Within two years, she became entertainment writer-editor, which included television, music, films, and theater.

Joan, now an entertainment columnist, has received the Syracuse Press Club's Lifetime Achievement Award, and has been honored by the Salt City Center for the Performing Arts and the Contemporary Theatre of Syracuse. She is a former member of Women in Communications. --Joseph A. Porcell
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"Free speech carries with it some freedom to listen."
Warren E Burger, Chief Justice, US Supreme Court
Majority opinion in 7-1 ruling that prohibited the closing of courtrooms to the press, 2 Jul 80

Wall of Distinction






Robert Atkinson

Executive Editor, The Post-Standard

Atkinson was a reporter and editor with The Post-Standard since starting in 1954 as its Saranac Lake correspondent. Eleven short years later, in 1965, he’d worked his way through its ranks to become managing editor, directing the paper’s entire news operation.

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