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May 3, 2014

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  • Julie Drizin will be executive director of Current

    American University | Current

    The American University School of Communication announced Friday that Julie Drizin will be the first executive director of Current, the news organization devoted to covering non-profit media in America.

    Drizin is the director of the Journalism Center on Children and Families at the University of Maryland, which announced earlier this year it would close due to lack of financial support.

    Current is seeking to expand its coverage, according to a release from American University. It currently has a team of five editors and reporters, along with “a corps of freelance contributors.”

    Here’s the release:

    The American University School of Communication has hired public media journalist, producer, and critic Julie Drizin for the new position of Executive Director of Current, as the newspaper and website seeks to expand its coverage and impact in U.S. public and nonprofit media spaces.

    “I am thrilled to be coming home to public media as the Executive Director of Current,” says Drizin.

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  • Guardian: NYT makes ‘big move’ into London

    The Guardian

    The New York Times will move “up to 100″ staff to a new digital center in London, The Guardian’s Roy Greenslade reported Friday.

    Greenslade writes that the new outpost, which will be based in the Bloomsbury borough of England’s capital city, will “become the newspaper’s European digital hub and centre for the paper’s international issues.”

    There is no question of the Paris office itself – home for so long to the iconic International Herald Tribune – being closed. It is simply believed that London is a more appropriate place from which to cover the European continent.

    According to a Property Week article, the paper’s owners have signed a deal for the entire 9,000 sq ft building at close to the asking rental fee of £50 a sq ft.

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  • Tips from a fact-checker: ‘Ultimately it’s about the care that you take with a piece’


    Fact-checking is about both the big and the small, the grit of details and the arc of story.

    “What checking does is similar to so many other types of editing,” says Yvonne Rolzhausen, head of the fact-checking department at The Atlantic. “Ultimately it’s about the care that you take with a piece.”

    Rolzhausen first interned at The Atlantic during her senior year of college and started as a proofreader there in 1993. Early in her career, she had to head to the Boston Public Library to go through microfiche for her work.

    “It wasn’t pre-Internet, but it wasn’t too far off,” she said.

    We spoke about the work of fact-checkers and lessons the rest of us can learn from them.

    1. It’s about the details.

    The only way you can look at any piece, whether it’s a paragraph or a 20,000-word story, is in detail — every word, every phrase, every connection. Read more

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Veronica Schwartz


Herald American

The Post-Standard

She was gifted with a sensitivity behind the lens of a camera that made Veronica O. Schwartz one of the best photographers at the Syracuse Newspapers.
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