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May 2, 2015

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  • Gawker Media alleges ‘serious irregularity’ in Hulk Hogan sex-tape evidence
    Hogan. (AP)

    Hogan. (AP)

    Last week, Gawker Media prevailed in a legal battle it had been waging with the FBI for more than a year.

    A judge ruled that the bureau and another law enforcement agency had to turn over evidence related to an investigation into a sex tape that figures prominently into Gawker’s pending high-stakes lawsuit.

    But during a hearing today, lawyers from Gawker Media expressed concerns about the evidence.

    Representatives from Gawker Media, the FBI and the Executive Office of United States Attorneys appeared before a judge at a United States District Court in Tampa, Florida. The purpose of the hearing was to sort out which documents requested by Gawker under the Freedom of Information Act the law enforcement organizations were legally obligated to turn over. Read more

  • This short week on Medium: 5 media stories you may have missed

    It’s a short week, but there has been some good stuff on Medium about journalism and for journalists. In case you missed it, here are five of those stories, including how people first found out about the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling, where to find great stock photos and more on a new cartoonist collective:

    June 26, 2015: A snapshot in love: Locals and visitors to San Francisco’s annual Pride Parade share the moment they found out same-sex marriage is now legal in the United States.

    June 29, Alice Yin:

    “I was at home actually. I was at home on the Internet and I read it on Facebook. I cried. I cried and the first thing I did was call my fiancé and say that we could get married in this state.”

    “When are you planning on that?”

    “Beginning of next year.”

    These 39 Sites Have Amazing Stock Photos You Can Use For Free

    July 1, Thomas Oppong:

    It can be insanely hard to find high quality, high-res free stock photos for personal and commercial use.

    Read more
  • News crew mugged while reporting from a crime scene


    A news crew with KNTV was mugged and pistol-whipped on Thursday morning while reporting from the scene of a crime, the station reported Thursday.

    The brazen attack occurred just before 6 a.m. at Pier 14 in San Francisco, where the reporter and photographer were covering a story about a woman who had been shot to death there the night before.

    As the two were about to go on air, a suspect pulled up to the curb in a black four-door BMW and approached the photographer and pistol-whipped him with a gun, shoved him to the ground, the photographer and reporter said. The suspect then grabbed the photographer’s camera gear, and as he was struggling to get it inside his getaway car, returned to pistol whip the photographer again, the news crew reported.

    Read more
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65 Vanderveer, Karel "Bud" Administrator 5155
66 Vosburgh, Lois Administrator 3627
67 Wood, Rod Administrator 4756
"A composite is a euphemism for a lie. It’s disorderly. It’s dishonest and it’s not journalism."
---Fred W Friendly, Columbia School of Journalism

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Tim Atseff


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Tim Atseff has had only one employer in 40 years. He started at the Herald-Journal as a copy boy in 1965.
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