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May 3, 2014

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  • Cell Sets Fire to Pillow, Story Sets Fire to TV Station Website

    A news report about a small fire with no injuries took the internet by storm last week. The question is why.

    The story is about a Dallas area teen who says her cellphone caught fire beneath her pillow as she slept

    The teen went to sleep with her Samsung Galaxy S4 under her pillow and awoke to a smouldering mess, according to KDFW, a Dallas-Fort Worth Fox affiliate. The father of the teen told KDFW he thinks the phone battery may have caused the meltdown, Samsung says the battery was not an original part but was a replacement unit.

    The video has generated more than 1.1 million YouTube Views, 4 million page views on the station’s website and generated even more for the other Fox owned and operated stations that posted the story. … Read more

  • Survey: Women and minorities on TV and radio reach a high that’s still pretty low


    The number of minorities at radio stations reached a ’90s-era high, and women news directors in TV reached an all-time high according to the latest report, released Monday afternoon, from RTDNA/Hofstra University Annual Survey.

    Still, as far as minorities are concerned, the bigger picture remains unchanged. In the last 24 years, the minority population in the U.S. has risen 11 points; but the minority workforce in TV news is up less than half that (4.6), and the minority workforce in radio is up 2.2.

    Some other points from the report:

    – In TV news, minorities made up more than 22 percent of total employment, marking a 13 year high.
    – Smaller stations have more minorities.
    – On TV, “For the first time, black women outnumber black men.… Read more

  • Do local news orgs need national news?

    NetNewsCheck | The New York Times

    Former Project Thunderdome editor-in-chief Jim Brady asks whether local news organizations need to provide much national news anymore in a reflection on his time at the now-shuttered Digital First Media venture.

    Writes Brady, a member of Poynter’s National Advisory Board: “Do we think local news organizations — in the disaggregated Web world we live in and the even more atomic mobile world we’re speeding into — actually need much national news anymore?”

    DFM announced the shuttering of Thunderdome in April, and it officially closed July 1.

    RELATED: What went wrong at Digital First Media — and what’s next?

    Among Thunderdome’s goals, Brady wrote, was:

    To serve as a centralized national news desk for our properties so that we didn’t have multiple papers producing the same story about the royal baby or the Kentucky Derby or the Academy Awards.

    Read more
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1 Addington, Harold Administrator 2873
2 Apikian, Nevart Administrator 3023
3 Atseff, Tim Administrator 3335
4 Ayers, Liz Administrator 6409
5 Barsha, Jerry Administrator 4066
6 Bliven, Luther Administrator 3556
7 Brigham, Andy Administrator 4462
8 Bunn, Tim Administrator 6648
9 Carey, Bill Administrator 4951
10 Case, Dick Administrator 4250
11 Clark, Wesley Administrator 3103
12 Curtis, Ron Administrator 5674
13 Daugherty, Jean Administrator 5120
14 Duffy, Nancy Administrator 3089
15 Edwards, Don Administrator 4755
16 Eilenberg, Carl Administrator 4344
17 Ennis, Paul Administrator 3319
18 Franklin-King, Karin Administrator 2797
19 Funeral Arrangements for Jerry Barsha Lou Gulino 3102
20 Gallinger, Roy Administrator 2623
21 Ganley, Joe Administrator 3545
22 Gorman, J. Leonard Administrator 4617
23 Graeff, Ron Administrator 7164
24 Green, Maureen Administrator 7561
25 Griffin, Eddie Administrator 2758
26 Grunfeld, Walter Administrator 3291
27 Haggart, Robert Administrator 4178
28 Hand-Wright, Laura Administrator 9913
29 Hart Seely Lou Gulino 5463
30 Henderson, Emanuel "Blair" Administrator 3329
31 Heyman, Fred Administrator 3460
32 Hillegas, Fred Administrator 3171
33 Hofmann, Phillip Administrator 3026
34 Janis Barth Lou Gulino 5779
35 John Krauss Lou Gulino 3746
36 Jones, Alexander Administrator 2838
37 LaRue, Arlene Administrator 2886
38 Long, Richard Administrator 4148
39 Loomis, Linda Administrator 3693
40 Mareiniss, Joel Administrator 4879
41 Morse, Jack Administrator 3675
42 O'Leary, Cornelius Administrator 3400
43 Parton, Red Administrator 6670
44 Peterson, Art Administrator 2973
45 Pinckney, Leo Administrator 2927
46 Porcello, Joseph Administrator 4334
47 Price, Mike Administrator 6057
48 Robert Atkinson Lou Gulino 4146
49 Robinson, Jackie Administrator 6618
50 Robinson, Rosemary Administrator 2961
51 Rogers, Stephen Administrator 3454
52 Rogers, Stephen A. Administrator 2884
53 Ron Lombard Lou Gulino 6802
54 Rossi, Frank Administrator 3670
55 Rossi, Mario Administrator 3621
56 Roth, A. Brohmann Administrator 2633
57 Schartz, Veronica Administrator 3041
58 Shepperd, Walt Administrator 3077
59 Smokes, Saundra Administrator 3601
60 Sparrow, Kenneth Administrator 2952
61 Speziale, Donna Administrator 3005
62 Sylvahn, J. Luther Administrator 3350
63 Vadeboncoeur, E.R. Administrator 5357
64 Vadeboncoeur, Joan Administrator 3406
65 Vanderveer, Karel "Bud" Administrator 3342
66 Vosburgh, Lois Administrator 2781
67 Wood, Rod Administrator 3536
"Criticism of government finds sanctuary in several portions of the 1st Amendment. It is part of the right of free speech. It embraces freedom of the press."
---    Hugo L Black, Associate Justice, US Supreme Court

Wall of Distinction

Jerry Barsha



During 32 years of reporting on Central New York radio and television, Jerry Barsha gave meaning to the term "breaking news." He broke many exclusive stories and conducted news investigations that brought him recognition from the home audience and his peers alike.
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