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May 2, 2015

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  • Boston mayor wins byline from Globe columnist in bet

    The Boston Globe

    Readers looking for Shirley Leung’s twice-weekly business column in The Boston Globe this morning will see an unfamiliar face: Boston Mayor Marty Walsh.

    According to a note above the column, Leung lost one byline to Walsh when she made a bet that he wouldn’t fill a municipal vacancy before a new governor took office. He did:

    Last year I made a bet with the good mayor of Boston, and he’s now collecting his prize. He was so slow at installing a permanent director of the Boston Redevelopment Authority that I bet he couldn’t find one before Charlie Baker was sworn in as governor. I lost.

    Elsewhere in the note, Leung pokes fun at the mayor, calling him “a wannabe writer” and notes that he was “just as tardy turning in this column” as he was appointing a new director. Read more

  • Today in Media History: In 1947, the press reported on the Hutchins Commission report

    On March 27, 1947, the press reported on the Hutchins Commission report about the media.

    Robert M. Hutchins, the president of the University of Chicago, served as the chair of the 1940s Commission on the Freedom of the Press. Time magazine’s Henry Luce suggested the creation of the commission and provided $200,000 in grants.

    They evaluated the print and broadcast media as well as motion pictures. Their final report, “A Free and Responsible Press,” concluded that freedom of the press was in danger.

    The commission cautioned against ownership concentration, rising costs, and the media’s preoccupation with sensational news. They felt that the media needed to take more responsibility for its actions.

    Image - F and R P

    The Internet Archive has posted a copy of the Hutchins Commission’s publication, “A Free And Responsible Press, the report of the Commission on Freedom of the Press.”

    This how the report begins:

    “The Commission set out to answer the question: Is the freedom of the press in danger?

    Read more
  • Career Beat: Mark Kelly named contributor at NBC News

    Good morning! Here are some career updates from the journalism community:

    • Mark Kelly is now a space and aviation contributor at NBC News. Kelly is a retired naval aviator and NASA astronaut. (NBC News)
    • Olivia Fierro has rejoined KTVK in Phoenix, Arizona. Previously, she was weeknight anchor at KVVU in Las Vegas. (Media Moves)
    • Nick Falloon will be chairman of Fairfax Media. Previously, he was chairman of Ten Network Holdings. (TheNewspaperWorks)
    • Lindsay Radford will be news director at KMGH in Denver. Previously, she was news director at KSTP and KSTC. (TVNewsCheck)
    • Miriam Kramer is now a space reporter at Mashable. Previously, she was a staff writer at (Email)
    • Teddy Schleifer will be a political reporter at CNN Politics Digital.
    Read more
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    "Their constant yelping about a free press means, with a few honorable exceptions, freedom to peddle scandal, crime, sex, sensationalism, hate, innuendo and the political and financial uses of propaganda. A newspaper is a business out to make money through advertising revenue. That is predicated on the circulation and you know what circulation depends on."
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“This is my valentine to Brenda Marie McCabe Haggart. Unfortunately, this valentine will not look or taste as good as those hearts that grade school teachers in Kansas helped me cut out and paste on big pieces of red paper. I can still taste the paste. It tasted almost as good as a peanut-butter sandwich. Writing this public confession of joy may seem a little arrogant on my part, Brenda, since I didn't ask you if I could do it. But you owe me one. My voice is gone.”
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