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May 3, 2014

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  • Four weather writing lessons from someone who died more than 300 years ago

    I have dear friends and family members from Maryland to Maine so I am paying special attention to their fate over the next few days.  The weather event has an interesting name:  a bombogenesis, more sinister, it sounds, than a polar vortex. Forecasters are describing a storm of “historic proportions,” one that might produce as much as three feet of snow in parts of New England.

    To family and friends in Rhode Island, I say, only half in jest:  move to Florida. But not this week.

     Sir John Evelyn

    Sir John Evelyn

    I am a reading and writing teacher so it’s my habit to look for lessons in the journalism and literature of the past. In the case of weather, I have stumbled upon the work of a British author named John Evelyn (1620-1706). He led a long and distinguished life as a thinker, author, botanist, and early environmentalist. But it is his diary, first published in 1818, which revealed the full range of his interests. Read more

  • News VP for Lee Enterprises will step down

    Joyce Dehli, vice president of news for newspaper company Lee Enterprises, announced Monday afternoon her decision to leave her current job.

    Dehli, who has held the vice president job since 2006, decided to resign because of a desire to return to writing, according to a company announcement:

    So why did I decide to leave? Life is short. I have longed to return to writing, and feel compelled to make time for it. I want to try new things, to explore possibilities, especially those close to the Washington, D.C., area where I moved almost two years ago.

    Lee Enterprises will name a successor for Dehli “soon,” according to the announcement. She will remain in office until the transition is completed and consult for the company thereafter on matters of ethics and professional standards.

    Lee Enterprises filed for bankruptcy in 2011 after an unsuccessful debt renegotiation. The next month, a judge approved a bankruptcy exit plan for the company, which owns the St. Read more

  • Here are 20 story ideas for covering the blizzard

    Anybody who needs these ideas will be really busy for the next several days, so I am going to write sparsely to avoid taking up their time.

    -Craigslist helps you find “Blizzard Boyfriends or Girlfriends?” You know this just seems like a bad idea, but it seems that people are going to CL to find winter warmth. Be careful clicking on the photos, some are NSFW. Who knows if this is a bunch of noise, a cover for escort services or if it really results in snowbound hookups? Color me skeptical, but it is getting some press.

    -Is it REALLY true that you can expect a baby boom nine months after a blizzard? The answer is no. It seems so plausible, but the numbers just don’t bear it out. But another study that looks at hurricanes and birth rates seems to show that “low severity” storms may be related to “higher fertility rates” whereas severe storms do not. Read more

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    "Woe to that nation whose literature is cut short by the intrusion of force. This is not merely interference with freedom of the press but the sealing up of a nation’s heart, the excision of its memory."
--Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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"I see through the eyes of a Christian, an African-American, a woman, a journalist, an aunt, a daughter. Someone who feels at ease with all kinds of people. I try to bring that varied perspective to my columns," says Saundra Smokes.

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