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Our Rundown

Paul Ennis



Paul Ennis came to Syracuse as the first member of his family to enroll in college. Good teachers in the public schools of his hometown, Port Chester, New York, had given him encouragement and approval as a writer, so he entered Syracuse University knowing he would somehow work with language.
Newspaper reporter, since he had been editor of his high school paper, was one possible career choice; magazine writer was another. He had not given broadcasting much thought, but developed an interest in it after visiting the campus radio station, WAER.

Working there would look good on his record, offer some relief from the class and study grind, and might help push a young man who was anything but a show-off, outside his comfort zone.

Over the next couple of years, he found it was fun to be on the radio, hosting a weekly music show, and occasionally playing guitar and singing a little folk music on the air. Later, he showed a more serious side as the station’s news director.

A friend on Paul’s dorm floor had steered him toward a weekend job at WSYR Radio and Television -- a big opportunity for a college sophomore who knew no one in the business, locally or anywhere else. After he worked without pay for a month, the news department managers decided Paul was worth hiring. He teamed up with his friend, who already had some experience in shooting film, to do all the weekend newsgathering for Channel 3 and 570 radio.

It was an intense education marked by its share of beginner’s mistakes, but it led to two years of full time work at WSYR during Paul’s final two years of college, anchoring weekday morning radio news while continuing to work weekends. After graduation, he anchored a nightly newscast that quickly became the highest-rated hour in Syracuse radio, while also reporting for television.

In the years that followed, he held virtually every position in television news at the station, including producer, assignment editor and news director.

An interest in computers has sent Paul back to college twice over the years, for programming courses at Le Moyne College and, more recently, completion of a Webmaster Certificate Program at University College. That continuing education helped to earn him a role in newsroom computer installations and upgrades, and in broadcasting’s online presence.

By the end of the 1980s, Paul’s work was focused entirely on writing and producing television news programs, and a change of station ownership sent him in search of a new opportunity. He found it at WIXT, a station on the way up and in need of strong producing help. It was a good match, and led to 17 more years in broadcast news, many awards, and new friendships at NewsChannel 9.

“One of my first bosses,” Paul says, “called me in to discuss a potential hire I knew and asked what seems like an overly-simple question: ‘Do you think he’d be good to work with?’"

“What he meant was, could the person meet the standards we work by: Be fair, be accurate, go the extra mile in getting the story and putting it together and then- as a nice bonus- have attributes that make a person a joy to deal with day-to-day. A sense of humor ranks very highly with me."

“Over the years, more people than I can count have been ‘good to work with,’ and I feel strongly that the media community in Syracuse has more than its fair share of the very best journalists. I’ve been proud to be a part of it.”

Paul received the Syracuse Press Club’s Selwyn Kershaw Professional Standards Award in 2000.

He lives in Manlius with his wife, Linda. They have a daughter.
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"News is the first rough draft of history."
--Philip L. Graham (1915–1963), U.S. newspaper publisher

Wall of Distinction

Kenneth Sparrow


Herald American

Kenneth F. Sparrow joined the Syracuse Herald in 1925 as a reporter. This followed a short stint with the Oswego Palladium, where he first worked after completing his studies at Oswego Normal School, now SUNY at Oswego.
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