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40th Annual Professional Recognition Awards and Scholarship Dinner

May 5, 2018, 6 PM cocktails, 7 PM dinner

at Genesee Grande, 1060 East Genesee St, Syracuse

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SPC Announces 17-18 Award Finalists
Written by Josh Cradduck   
Tuesday, 10 April 2018 18:19


The Syracuse Press Club would like to thank all of you for entering this year's 40th Annual Professional Recognition Awards Contest. Volunteers from numerous press clubs across America judged the entries and selected first- and second-place winners in numerous competitions in TV, radio, print, online and college journalism categories.

Please attend the awards banquet on Saturday, May 5th, to collect your award or support your peers. In addition to the contest winners, we will honor local journalists receiving special club awards for Best Newcomer, Professional Standards, Scholarship and Best News Source. We will also be adding a well-deserving journalist to our Wall of Distinction. Those winners will be announced soon.

The Press Club’s contest is conducted completely digital by the Better Newspaper Contest under the direction of Eagle Newspapers editor Sarah Hall.

To reserve a table for the dinner, please head to our website. Our reservations deadline is WEDNESDAY, MAY 2nd. 

Make your Dinner Reservations

It's time to make your reservation for the Syracuse Press Club's 40th annual Scholarship and Professional Recognition Awards Dinner. We will reveal the names of first and second place winners at that time. We will also present a $2,000 scholarship to a deserving journalism student, and present several club awards to outstanding media people. 

The event will be held May 5, 2018 at the Genesee Grande Hotel, 1060 E. Genesee St in Syracuse. Things get underway with a cash bar at 6 p.m., and dinner at 7 p.m. with the program to follow. The Club will also make an addition to our Wall of Distinction. 


Individual tickets are $45. A table of ten can be purchased for $425. 

Payment will only be accepted via PayPal (you can use that for credit card or insert checking number).

Please click here to make your reservation.

Note the names of winners and media organizations are in random order.  We will announce at the May 5th awards dinner who won first and second place awards.


2017-2018 Categories


Spot News

WAER-FM, Chris Bolt, “Syracuse Climate March attracts 1000, for Climate Change Actions, Against Trump Policies”

WRVO-FM, Payne Horning, “Governor Declares State of Emergency in Counties along Lake Ontario as Flooding Begins”


News Feature

WRVO-FM, “Replica Columbus ships draw thousands of people -- and a few protestors -- to Oswego Harbor”

WRVO-FM, “How I-81 divided Syracuse and why opinions are divided on how to replace it”


"Human Interest" Feature

 WAER-FM, “Songwriter Jimmy Webb & Glen Campbell's Family Remember Music, Struggle with Alzheimer's"

WAER-FM, “WAER Takes EV on a Road Trip to See How Long-range All-Electric Might Fit Your Lifestyle”


Sports Story

WAER-FM, “From the Marines to the Syracuse Sidelines”

WAER-FM, “Paving the Road”


Sports Show

WAER-FM, “Countdown to Tip-off: Pregame for Syracuse v. Kansas Basketball”

WAER-FM, “Countdown to Kickoff: Pregame for Syracuse v. Clemson Football


Special Program

WAER-FM, “Central New York Unknown Underground”

WAER-FM, “City Limits: A Poverty Project Panel Discussion”



Investigative Story/Series

The Cortland Standard, Nick Graziano, “A Different Picture”

The Post-Standard, Elizabeth Doran, “Off-Duty Sheriff's Deputy Crashes and Flees from Accident Scene”


News Feature/Series

The Citizen, Megan Blarr, “Decades later, women file sex abuse complaints in Cayuga County, push for law changes”

The Post-Standard, Samantha House, “JR's last chance: Autistic boy's search for a real home ends in grisly death”


"Human Interest" Feature/Series

The Palladium-Times, Seth Wallace, “Honor Flight to D.C. Salutes Oswego Veteran for His Service”

The Post-Standard, Julie McMahon, “Final Axe Falls on Fowler High, Syracuse's Forgotten Kids: 'Set Up from the Giddy-up'”


Sports Story

The Post-Standard, Christopher Carlson, “Dick MacPherson Won Over Syracuse with Winning Football, Kindness, Down-Home Charm”

The Post-Standard, Stephen Bailey, “Decorated Syracuse Football LB Zaire Franklin Driven by Deaths of Mother, Grandmother”



News Feature/Series

The Stand, Jasmine Gomez, “Affordable Homes: Buyers Purchase Vacant Properties and Restore Them to Usable Form”

Syracuse New Times, Bill DeLapp and Michael Davis, “Her Story”


"Human Interest" Feature/Series

The Catholic Sun, Tom Maguire, “How Can a Kid Do This?”

The Stand, Katelyn Faubel, “Where Are They Now? South Sider’s equestrian dream from childhood is being realized”


Sports Story

The Stand, David Onoue, “An unlikely friendship opens opportunities for homeless community”

Syracuse New Times, Matt Michael and Michael Davis, “SU Basketball Series”



Best Magazine


New York Horse Magazine



Spot News

The Cortland Standard, Robert Creenan, Kevin Conlon, Nick Graziano and Catherine Wilde, “Time to Put It Together”

The Cortland Standard, Kevin Conlon, Robert Creenan and Todd R. McAdam, “It Came Fast and Furious”



Syracuse New Times, Luke Parsnow, “Statewide Casino Expansion Could Be A Risky Bet”

The Reporter, Rabbi Rachel Esserman, “Privileged Advice”


Front Page Design

Syracuse New Times, Greg Minix

The Catholic Sun, Willie Putmon



Baldwinsville Messenger. Ashley Casey, “Lysander Should Control Its Meetings, Not the Media”

The Post-Standard, Marie Morelli, “Congress Should Close Supreme Court’s Corruption Loophole.”



The Citizen, David Wilcox, “Merry-Go-Round's 'Parade' a Beautiful Show About Ugly Subjects”

The Post-Standard, Katrina Tulloch, “Like a Rusty, Trusty Car, The Beach Boys Take Time to Rev Up”


Feature Photo

Upstate Medical University, John Berry, “He Calls Himself Lucky: Kidney Cancer Survivor's Advice: Don't Ignore Possible Symptoms”

The Stand, Emily Elconin, “Finding Her Way Back”


Sports Photo

The Citizen, Kevin Rivoli, “The Rainbow Lacrosse Game”

The Stand, Nick Lisi, “Winning Shot”


Scenic Photo

New York Horse Magazine, Wells Horton, “Forgotten”

New York Horse Magazine, Wells Horton, “May 25 White-Throated Sparrow”



New York Horse Magazine, Michael Buchinger, “Gray Rider”

The Stand, Michael Santiago, “They Wear Blue”


Photo Essay

Upstate Medical University, Robert Mescavage, Susan Keeter, Jim Howe and Leah Caldwell, “Brains Against Brain Tumors”

New York Horse Magazine, Michael Davis, “Making the Cut”


Graphic Illustration

Upstate Medical University, Amber Smith, Susan Keeter and Bill Mueller, “Stethoscopes”

Eagle Newspapers, Sarah Hall, “Going Solar in New York”



Spot News

CNY Central, Brett Hall, “Shooting Near Elementary School Frightens Parents”

CNY Central, Michael Benny, Justine Marschner, “Missing Florida Teen Winds Up in Syracuse”


Investigative Story/Series

WBNG-TV, Chloe Vincente, “What’s In Your Water?”

WSYR-TV, Tammy Palmer, Tom Cunningham, Bill Goldschmidt and Scott Irving,  “Holbrook Tree Man Investigation”


News Feature/Series

WSYR-TV, Tammy Palmer and Scott Irving, “Not for Rent”

WSYR-TV, Sean Martinelli and Jack Estabrook, “Stranger Danger: How did local kids react when approached by a stranger looking to lure them away?”


"Human Interest" Feature/Series

WWNY-TV, Jeff Nelson, “Stories from the Scene”

WWNY-TV, Amanda Corna, “A Cheer for Kelsie”


Sports Story

WETM-TV, Andy Malnoske, “Forever 44: Waverly’s Paul Girolamo”

WSYR-TV, Steve Infanti, “Two and the Win”


Sports Show

WSYR-TV, Steve Infanti, Sal Maneen and Mario Sacco, “Orange Nation”

Spectrum News, Staff, “First and Ten”


Regularly Scheduled Sportscast

CNY Central, Niko Tamurian and Matt Hauswirth, “Syracuse meets its match in Miami”

CNY Central, Matt Hauswirth, Niko Tamurian and Matt Landers, “Syracuse drops Duke with dramatic buzzer beater”


Special Program

WSYR- TV, Dan Cummings, Jack Estabrook and Olivia Ugino. “Honor Flight: The Journey Continues”

WSYR-TV, Carrie Lazarus, Mark Folsom, Jack Estabrook and Jim LaManna, “Extraordinary People and Places of Central New York with Carrie Lazarus”


Photo Essay

Spectrum News, Ben Augustine, “Raven Haven Says Farewell to Founder”

Spectrum News, Mike Kuehner, “Grown in New York”


Video Journalism

Spectrum News, Tom Walters

CNY Central, Alex Reslia


Regularly Scheduled Local Newscast

WWNY-TV, Jeff Cole, Cindy Habeeb and 7 News Staff, “6 p.m. Oct. 30, 2017”

WSYR-TV, Staff, “NewsChannel 9 Weekend at 11 July 1, 2017”  


Best Weathercast

CNY Central, Peter Hall, “December Snowstorm”

WSYR-TV, Kate Thornton, “Forecast First Dec. 22, 2017”



Breaking News, Ken Jackson, “Price Rite Vs. Nojaim’s Supermarket: Is There a Civil War Between Neighborhoods?”, Ken Jackson, “Urban CNY Special Report: How the Ben Walsh Campaign Won the Syracuse Mayoral Election”


Multimedia Story, Brett Hall, “Tear It Down or Fix It Up?”

Spectrum News, Staff, “April the Giraffe Coverage”


News Website, John Lammers, Chris Bolt, Kevin Kloss and Joe Lee, “City Limits: A Poverty Project website of WAER Public Media”


Blog, Jacob Pucci, “Best of CNY”, Ken Jackson, “The Hall Monitor”


Photos & Graphics

WRVO-FM online, Tom Magnarelli, “Immigration activists and Trump supporters in Syracuse spar over deportations”, Ken Jackson, “The Westcott Street Massacre”


Best Use Of Social Media By An Organization, “Tornado touches down in Vernon Downs”, “Syracuse mayoral election live videos”


Best Use Of Social Media By An Individual

Brent Axe




Best Radio News Story

NCC News, Tyler Aki, “Young Rappers Trying to Change Chicago’s Violent Image”

92 WICB, Peter Champelli, “Community Activists Plan to Address Discrimination Incidents at Cornell”


Best Print News Story

Utica College, Kaitlyn Tambasco, “’Segregated’ Photos Cause Uproar on Campus”

Daily Orange, Jordan Muller, “’Out of Options’”


Best Television News Story

ICTV, Jack Sears, Michael Pyskaty, Vaughn Golden and Riley Ludwig, “Tompkins County Mental Health Clinic Investigation”

NCC News, Jamie Weiss, “A Survivor’s Story”


Best Radio Sports Story

NCC News, Jonathon Hoppe, “Two Sports, No Problem”

NCC News, Jonah Karp, “The Male Cheerleader Stereotype vs. Reality”


Best Print Sports Story

Daily Orange, “Power Move”

The Dolphin, “Le Moyne College Athletics Leads the Way in Closing the Gender Gap in the Northeast-10”


Best Television Sports Story 

NCC News, Elissa Candiotti, “Peyton Sefick is Kicking Out Doubt and Scoring Big”

NCC News, Chris Venzon, “’Armstrong’: A Purpose Worthy of a Pursuit”


Best Radio Feature Story

SUNY Oswego, Erin Meyer, “In 2017, Payphones Still Haven’t Hung Up”

NCC News, James Groh, “The Laws You Didn’t Realize You Were Breaking”


Best Print Feature Story

The Daily Orange, Sam Ogozalek, “1,264 Miles”

Utica College, Kyle Riecker, “A Bridge Collapse, Ballgame and Bravery Remembered”


Best Television Feature Story

SUNY Oswego, Alex Peck, “Oswego State Jazz Ensemble Welcomes Pro Jazz Drummer”

NCC News, Michael Lehr, “Can Man Chases One Million Cans”


Best Multimedia Story

The Newshouse, Staff, “City Blocks”

The Newshouse, Staff, “They Wear Blue” 
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"Give light and the people will find their own way."
SCRIPPS-HOWARD newspapers, motto.

Wall of Distinction

Andy Brigham



Club President: 1986

He was more than once likened to Mike Wallace of TV's "60 Minutes" and early in his career, the Syracuse New Times cited him as "the best investigative reporter in Syracuse."
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