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  • Purdue deletes video of Bart Gellman speech, cites use of classified material

    Now you see it, now you don’t.

    Barton Gellman, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner who’s worked mostly for The Washington Post, spoke last month at Purdue University as a “Dawn or Doom” colloquium. It involved his take on national security matters, an area of renowned expertise for somebody who was both conduit for and analyst of Edward Snowden’s National Security Agency leaks.

    He was promised a video of the presentation but then told that Purdue’s lawyers had said no to that notion or otherwise publishing the video.

    Now, writing for The Century Foundation, for which he also works, he indicates that three slides used during his 90-minute presentation contained classified materials. Technically, they remain classified despite the fact that the information can be found on the Internet and has been viewed by millions worldwide. Read more

  • The Players’ Tribune is becoming an athletic community

    When The Players’ Tribune issued a release it had hired Kevin Durant as its new deputy publisher last week, it prompted the usual jokes on social media and elsewhere. USA Today even did a post noting that Kobe Bryant, who holds the title of editorial director for The Players’ Tribune, can’t be happy about Durant leapfrogging him.

    “Well, these are honorary titles that suggest the athletes have a place in our company,” said The Players’ Tribune editorial director Gary Hoenig. “We meant to explain them a little bit more jocularly—is that the word? We just haven’t gotten around to it. Kevin will have a role with us, but is he going to call and ask why we are spending so much on travel? I don’t think so.”

    Hoenig, though, says the addition of Durant is yet another positive sign as The Players’ Tribune begins year two. Read more

  • Somalia now tops CPJ’s list of countries where journalists are murdered with impunity

    For the first time since 2008, Iraq isn’t at the top of Committee to Protect Journalists’ annual Impunity Index. The annual report details countries where journalists are killed with no resulting convictions. This year, the top spot went to Somalia.

    The report, which was released Thursday, includes 14 countries where at least five journalists were murdered and no one was convicted of those murders. According to the index, “around 96 percent of victims are local reporters. The majority covered politics and corruption in their home countries.”

    Screen shot

    Screen shot

    From the report:

    Not one year has passed over the last decade without a journalist being murdered in civil war-wracked Somalia, which first appeared on the index in 2008. At least 30 journalists have been murdered without any consequence for the perpetrators in this index period, the majority targeted by Al-Shabaab militants who for years have threatened and assaulted journalists in relation to their coverage of the group’s activities.

    Read more
Media giant ESPN target of lawsuit by Laurie Fine
Wednesday, 16 May 2012 13:22

Laurie Fine will file a lawsuit n federal court accusing ESPN and two of its employees of libel.  Fine's suit accuses the network of breaking the story of Bobby Davis'  allegations of sexual abuse against her husband, former assistant basketball coach of Bernie Fine without any credible corroborating sources. "This Complaint for Libel arises from Defendant ESPN’s coverage of Robert Davis’ uncorroborated attack upon Plaintiff Laurie J. Fine. Through this coverage, ESPN, acting by and through its agents and employees, including Defendants Mark Schwarz and Arthur Berko, spitefully destroyed Laurie Fine’s reputation in an attempt to capitalize financially in the tragic wake of the Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal. Defendants have ruined Laurie Fine’s reputation by maliciously publishing false and defamatory factual accusations."

In the lawsuit document Fine flatly denies ever knowing of or suspecting her husband of molesting Davis or any other person.  She also denies Davis' claim that she had a sexual relationship with him or Davis claim that she had sexual relationships with several former Syracuse University basketball players.

Local media promise extended coverage with local television outlets planning to carry the news conference live on their secondary digital channels and on their websites, and feeding national media with the story.  ESPN responded claiming the  suit is without merit an the network  stand behind its story.

Here are links to some local media coverage:
Newschannel 9



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Majority opinion in 7-1 ruling that prohibited the closing of courtrooms to the press, 2 Jul 80

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