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41st Annual Professional Recognition Awards and Scholarship Banquet

April 27, 2019, 6 PM cocktails, 7 PM dinner

at Genesee Grande, 1060 East Genesee St, Syracuse

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Our Rundown

Winners Announced for 2009 Contest

The judges have completed their work and we have the list of winners in the 2009 Syracuse Press Club Professional Recognition Awards.  The list attached lists only those entries that have won something.  First or second place will be announced at our awards and scholarship dinner on May 15th at Drumlins Country Club.  We have also included the judges comments, where judges  provided them.

Please look over the list. If you see a title, news organization or individual name that is spelled wrong please let us know. Also if there is a name that was omitted please let us know. emails us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . This is the way names will appear on the awards certificates and the PowerPoint presentation at the awards dinner.

We will be posting details of the dinner and a reservation form online in the next few days.


Syracuse Press Club
Professional Recognition Awards contest results

Radio Categories
R1: Spot News
Ryan Morden, Jasmyn Belcher, WRVO,Election Night 2009”
Scott Willis, WAER, “Church Protest”
R2: Investigative
Jasmyn Belcher, WRVO, “Robocall Targets Espada”
 Jasmyn Belcher, WRVO, “The Future and Fate of Retired Race Horses, ” Comments: Nice job of bringing to light a story that so easily can be over-looked and never thought about by listeners.
 R3: News Feature
Alex Silverman, WSYR, “Syracuse Beer Week”
Jasmyn Belcher, WRVO, “Snapshot of a Family Seeking Marriage Equality,” Comments: A compelling and well-produced piece showing great sensitivity to the issue. Hearing from three generations of one family made it especially engaging.  
 R4: Human Interest
Jasmyn Belcher, WRVO, “Kindred Spirits Run Pet Food Pantry Out of Their Home,” Comments: All the submissions in this category were very well done, but the way Marv and Mary were presented made them memorable.  The use of Marv calling off-mic to Mary and later Mary, off-mic, walking toward the reporter was very nicely done. All storied are really about people and this was a perfect example. Writing, delivery and production brought us into Marv and Mary Lou's story.
A. Randall Wenner, WAER-FM, “Holiday Harp”
R5: Sports Story
Ryan Morden, “Baseball as a Fun and Inexpensive Option in Central New York,” Comments: Ryan uncovered an affordable way to take in America's pastime...and money left to do it again!
Erik Elken, WAER, “Empire State Games Cancelled”
R6: Sports Show
David Resnick and WAER Sports Staff, WAER, “Countdown to Kickoff”
Eric Rothman, Anthony Riccobono, WAER, “Twitter and Sports,” Comment: Tough category to judge.  Nice production work with lively discussion.
R7: Miniseries
Ellen Abbott, WSYR, “Sexting: Not So Safe,” Comments: Abbott effectively used music and sound to move the story along.  I also enjoyed how she took a potentially racy topic and fully explained the legal ramifications and well as how it's being addressed by schools and parents.
Ryan Delaney, Chris Bolt, John Smith and Scott Willis, WAER, “Syracuse Mayoral Election - By the Issues”
R8: Regularly Scheduled Local Newscast

Alex Silverman, Tiffany Latino, Jim Beebe, Nikolai Busko, Jay Fishman, WSYR, “7:30 am Nov. 4 Newscast,” Comment:  Great use of election tape from previous night’s coverage.
Jason Smith, Jasmyn Belcher, Ryan Morden, WRVO, “WRVO News – The 8 pm Report,” Comment: “Lots of tape, lots of voices!”
 R11:  Public Affairs Program
WRVO Staff, WRVO, “WRVO Community Forum: The Race for Syracuse Mayor”
Brad Horn, Chris Bolt, Ryan Delaney, WAER,
Veterans, We're Listening,” Comment: A nice job of incorporating produced pieces with lively discussion and an opportunity for listeners to participate.  A topic that should be done by more stations.

Print Media Categories
D1:  Spot News
Press & Sun-Bulletin staff, Press & Sun-Bulletin, “Massacre on Front Street”

Doug Schneider, George Basler, Tom Wilber, Jennifer Micale, Eric
Reinagel, Debbie Swartz and Matt Coleman, Press & Sun-Bulletin, “Why? Fatal stabbing of BU professor leaves trail of unanswered questions”
D2:  Investigative Story
Doug Schneider, Press & Sun-Bulletin, “Massacre on Front Street: Profile of a Killer”
Marnie Eisenstadt and Matt Michael, The Post-Standard, “Mutual Contempt”
 D3: News Feature / Series
James T. Mulder, The Post-Standard, “Gift of Life”
Dave Tobin, The Post-Standard, “Only the Dead Have Seen the End of War”
 D4: Human Interest Feature
Hart Seely, The Post-Standard, “My Favorite Things”
Nancy Dooling, Press & Sun-Bulletin, “40 years later agency opens case of downed Marine pilot”
D5: Column (Robert R. Haggart Award)
Sean Kirst, The Post-Standard, “Santa responds to boy's pain in letter”
Dick Case, The Post-Standard, “Dissecting the Issue of Interstate 81”
D6:  Best Sports Column
Calvin Stovall, Press & Sun-Bulletin, “Broadus, Thirer, DeFleur, didn't police 'zoo'”
Bud Poliquin, The Post-Standard, “Not a Banner Moment”
 D7:  Best Humor Columns
Hart Seely, The Post-Standard, “Instructions for the Assembly of Christmas”
Jeff Kramer, The Post-Standard, “Don't ask me what I can do for my country”
D8: Sports Story
 Doug Schneider, Evan Drellich, Kevin Stevens and Debbie Swartz,
Press & Sun-Bulletin, “BU basketball scandal”
Mike Waters and Bud Poliquin, The Post-Standard, “Six Overtimes”
D9:  Front Page Design
Sue Santola, The Post-Standard, Front Page Designs
Al Vieira, Press & Sun-Bulletin, Designs by Al Vieira

Non Daily Print
ND 2: Non-Daily Investigative
Carol Thompson, The Valley News, “HUD Inspected, HUD Approved”
Carol Thompson, The Valley News, “New York State Bounces Back to the County”
ND 3: Non-Daily News Features
Sarah Hall, Eagle Newspapers, “Children Without a Home,” Comment: This is an important story, and a situation found in every community no matter the size. The amount of research and legwork really paid off.  
 Ed Griffin-Nolan, Syracuse New Times, “Just Say Yes,” Comment: We liked this story for its hopefulness - amazing what a community can do!  
ND 4: Non-Daily Human Interest Feature
Tami S. Zimmerman, Eagle Bulletin, “Christian Station Still Thrives After 40 Years”

James MacKillop, Syracuse New Times, “The Stroll Truth,” Comment: This tour of Syracuse is lovingly told and full of great details.  You really do get a feeling for the various neighborhoods and areas.  Nice idea, nicely done.
 ND 5: Non-Daily Column
Ami Olson, The Advocate, “An Unfair Fight Favors Big Business”
Kenneth Jackson, City Eagle, “The Thanksgiving Table”
ND 7: Non-Daily Humor
No Awards in this category
ND 8: Non-Daily Sports
Phil Blackwell, Baldwinsville Messenger, “Touchdown! Bees Top CBA, Head to Regionals”
Phil Blackwell, Baldwinsville Messenger, “Mustangs Reach First-ever Sectional Final,” Comment: Blackwell’s athletic, aggressive and colorful writing matches the impact of this story. It’s easy to see why this was such a big story for this team.  
Special Interest Print
S3: News feature
Lou Sorendo, Oswego County Business Magazine, “The Producers,” Comment:  Thorough report. Too many numbers dragged down the writing at points but overall a good job on a difficult issue.
Jennika Baines, Catholic Sun, “Health care:  a moral issue,” Comment:  Puts a human face on a hotly debated issue. Treats both sides fairly.  Excellent writing.
S4: Human interest feature
Claudia Martin, Catholic Sun, “Serving Up Kindness,” Comment:  Treats subjects with dignity.  Well-written and well-sourced.  
Lou Sorendo, 55 Plus, “The Anchorman,” Comment:  Interesting subject.  Could have been fleshed out better with more sourcing.
S5:  Column
Tie: Friar Phil Kelly, The Catholic Sun, “The Birdie in the Window” and Friar Phil Kelly, The Catholic Sun, “The Studebaker Diaries Part 3,” Comment:  When you judge as many contests as I do, sometimes your eyes can start to glaze over after story after story.  Then you pick up something like Friar Phil's columns and you don't want to put them down.  In the Studebaker Diaries and the Birdie in the Window, he gives us simple but deep insights into life and death.  I only regret that I won't get to meet him.
S9: Front page
1. Willie Putmon, The Catholic Sun, collection of front pages, Comment:  Clean, bold, diverse ... the Sun front pages ...strong headlines ... the Sun front pages each found a way to draw me in.

Open Print
P1: Editorials
Michael J. Connor, The Post-Standard, “Politics or Crime,” Comment: No candy-coating here.  Words and phrases like “shambles”, “so-called leaders” and “level of crime” leave no doubt as to both the writer’s strong feelings and the impact of this situation on the community.  
Paul Riede, The Post-Standard, “Wages”
P2: Critiques          
David Abrams, Eagle Newspapers, “Elizabethan-era Program of English Music Proves ‘Fit for a Queen,’” Comment: This review educates as it celebrates this apparently delightful program.  The writer evidently knows music.   
Michael Nassberg, The Reporter, “Darkly Humorous Documentary Explores the Global State of Anti-Semitism”
P3: Headline Writing
Mark Libbon, The Post-Standard, “Headlines by Mark Libbon”

David Nutt, Press & Sun Bulletin, “98 Shots, 2 Guns, 1 Deadly Minute,” Comment: This headline has all the impact of this terrible story.  Great job.
Still Photography/Graphics

G1:  Spot News Photography
Rebecca Catlett, Press & Sun-Bulletin, “Massacre on Front Street”
Stephen D. Cannerelli, The Post-Standard, “Soldiers Funeral”
G2:  Feature Photo
Nicholas Lisi, The Post-Standard, “Seeing the Move”
Rebecca Catlett, Press & Sun-Bulletin, “Amputee Comrades”
G4: Color Photo
John Berry, The Post-Standard, “Orange Fog”
Nicholas Lisi, The Post-Standard, “Halloween Sky”
 G5: Sports Photo

Michelle Gabel, The Post-Standard, “It's Over! (Iron Girl Triathlon)”
Frank Ordonez, The Post-Standard, “It’s Over”
G6: Scenic Photo
Michael Grennlar, The Post-Standard, “Wind Power”
Nicholas Lisi, The Post-Standard, “Cold Day”
G7: Photo Illustration

 Michael Davis and James Rutkey, Syracuse New Times, “Bommerang Brando”
 John Catlett, Press & Sun-Bulletin, “Solid Goal”
G8: Portrait
Michael Davis, Syracuse New Times, “Madame Trixie”
Michelle Gabel, The Post-Standard, “Jessica”
 G11: Art Illustration
Peter Allen, The Post-Standard, “A night in Washburn Cemetery”
Sue Santola, The Post-Standard, “Give to the Old Newsboys Christmas fund”
Television Categories
T1: Spot News
WSYR staff, WSYR-TV, “Buffalo Plane Crash,” Comment: The coverage of the plane crash incorporated great pictures and sound, compelling interviews, and immediacy.  Great use of graphics and team coverage
Jeff Nelson, WWNY-TV, “Ice on Pillar Point,” Comment: Great use of pictures to convey seriousness of a bizarre occurrence on lakeshore.
T2: Investigative Story
Joe  Roetz, WSTM-NBC 3,  “Swindled by Spinella’s,” Comment: Story showed a big problem but little results, still was strong enough to finish second.
Jennifer  Lewke, WSYR-TV, “Real Deal Stimulus Signs,”  Comment: In this category, only this story was a true investigative piece with measurable results.  Ms. Lewke examined a problem, brought it to lawmakers’ attention, and got change.  Great follow-through!
T3: News Feature
Brian Dwyer, News10Now, “Ice Buildup on Lake Ontario Shore,”  Comment: Good pictures show an issue along the lakeshore of Lake Ontario

Kevin Torres, WSYR-TV NewsChannel 9,  “Oswego’s Sidewalk Sleuth,” Comment: This is a great story!  Compelling character, good use of visuals to show the problem and how our heroine resolves it, creative standups.
 T4: Human Interest Feature
Tamara Lindstrom, News10Now, “Your Hometown: Ithaca,” Comment:  Wonderful use of old movies and intermingling of old footage with current landmarks to show the history of Ithaca.
 Steve Stoeckel, Laura Hand and Craig McDowell, WSTM-NBC 3, “Homer’s Time Capsule,” Comment: Interesting piece about a time capsule that turns up in an old school.  Reporters spent extra time researching to show the significance of what was within, rather than simply enumerating the contents.
T5: Sports story
Niko Tamurian, WSTM-TV, “A Day They’ll Never Forget,”  Comment: Interesting story about the rowing team going above and beyond and using their sports skills to help a man in medical trouble. Well-told, well shot with good “water” footage.
Brian Mueller, CNY Central, “Ludden’s Littlest Knight”
T6: Sports Show
Kevin Maher, Rishi Barran , “CBS-5 SU vs. Villanova Pregame Show,”
John Evenson, Matt Mulcahy, Dan Scharffenberger, Niko Tamurian, Brian Mueller, WSTM & WSTQ, “Jim Boeheim's Road to 800”
 Steve Infanti, Ashley Adamson, Sal Maneen, WSYR-TV,  “Orange Extra: Rewind and Reload Tournament Edition”
T7: Mini-Series
Jessica Cain, WWNY-TV, “Super Savers”
Joleene Des Rosiers, News10Now, “Sky Battle: Mercy Flight vs. Air 1”
Anne Richter, John Friot, Kevin Torres, Culley Gosier, WWNY-TV, “Seaway Series”
T9: Documentary
Jennifer Lewke, WSYR-TV, “Real Deal Back to Basics 2”
Amy Manley, Liz Ayers, WCNY, “Vision 21: Exploring 21st Century Green Technology”
  Anne Richter, John Friot,  Kevin Torres, Culley Gosier, WWNY-TV, “The Seaway Then and Now”
T10: Public Affairs
Dan Cummings, WSYR-TV, “ 23rd Congressional Debate”
Media Unit, Media Unit on Time Warner Public Access Channel 98, “Rough Times Live”
T12: Photography
Kevin Torres, WSYR-TV NewsChannel 9, “Compilation”
R. D. White, News10Now, “R. D. White: News 10 Now”
T13: Photo Essay
 Tom Walters, “First & 10: Season Review”
Matt White, “Adoption Day”
Kevin Torres, WWNY-TV 7, “The Chaumont Barrens”
T14: News Promo
Steve Christensen, Brendon Fontanella, WSTM/WSTQ Syracuse, “Various News Promotion”

Mark Wolicki,  Rick Jarrett, WSYR-TV, Promotional Compilation”
Jon Mansberger, News10Now, “We are 2009”
T15: Regularly Scheduled Local Newscast
WSYR-TV Staff, WSYR-TV, “6p Newscast Binghamton Massacre”
WSTM-TV News Staff, WSTM-TV, “ Richland Fire”
Honorable mention – WSYR-TV Staff, WSYR-TV, “5p Newscast Buffalo Plane Crash”
Internet Web Site Category
W1 News Web Site
WSYR-TV Staff, 9wsyr.com, Comment: Easy to navigate; well-organized.

 The Post-Standard Staff, www.syracuse.com, Comment: A very eye-catching site that gives many options without being too overwhelming. Very user friendly.
W2 Institutional/Promotional Web Site
Syracuse University News Service, “Fighting the Flu,” Comment: This excellent website and campaign to inform the university community about fighting the flu show how the web can be and especially useful tool. It provides solid, easy-to-understand information and good links to other sites containing more information about tshe H1N1 virus. What makes this campaign a standout is the use of Otto the Orange, the ultimate symbol of Syracuse. He is seen sick, washing his hands, cleaning his computer--showing how to fight the flu, like any good Syracuse person. The video of Otto vs. the Flu is a winner. This entry was fun to review and view!
Syracuse University News Services, “Inside SU,” Comment: This site and campaign prove that the old journalism adage of “People like to read about people” remains true. “Inside SU” offers enough links so a person can go directly to what he or she is interested in--athletics, events, newsmakers, etc.--whether online or through various social media.--or submit. “What’s Going On at AU” is an effective theme for the site and campaign.

W3: News Blog
Brandon Roth, CNYCentral.com, “Tales From The Pacific,” Comment: “This blog brought a diverse perspective to the coverage by adding a human touch.”

 Kenneth Jackson, urbancny.com, “Ken's Blog,” Comment: This blog consistently added depth to the news stories of the day. Blogged throughout the year, not just for one event.
 W3A: Human Interest
Dave Tobin, The Post-Standard, www.syracuse.com/following-orion/ , Comments: The writer shows feeling, interest and empathy for his subjects.
 Sean Kirst, The Post-Standard. www.syracuse.com/kirst , Comments: Sean Kirst is a top-notch writer, and his blog is engaging.
W3B: Best Sports Blog
 Michael Sharp, Press & Sun-Bulletin / pressconnects.com, “Sharp on the Sens,”  Comment: “ This blog provided frequent updates on the team and generated many comments that kept the conversation going.”
Matt Mulcahey, CNYCentral.com, “Matt's Memo,” Comment: “This blogger added insight to the daily sports stories every day.
W4A: Best Photo Gallery or Slideshow
Michelle Gabel, Frank Ordoñez, The Post-Standard, “IBM and The Plume,”  Comment: Nice documentary images with compelling audio.  Tells the story well.
Frank Ordoñez, The Post-Standard, “By the Time I got to Woodstock,” Comment:  “Varied selection of photos.  Good way to package the narrative and the visual components.”
W5: Public service
Doug Schneider, Tom Wilber, Jeff Platsky, Press & Sun Bulletin, pressconnects.com, “Watchdog Blog,” Comment: “This blog tackles the tough issues that affect broad segments of the readership.  Clean design and good presentation.”
The Post-Standard staff, “CNY Speaks,” Comment: “This featured a solid selection of reports that focused on the community.  A nice mix of issues and information; politics and art.”
Student Contest
C-1: Best News Story
Patrick Malenda, The Overview, "Open Bunk Helps Students and the Community," Comment: While this story was long and could've been improved by more editing, it is an interesting look at an unusual subject. Good use of
quotes and detail that probably informed the college community about
something they had no idea students were involved in.
Caleb Sayers, The Overview, "Stalled Negotiations Prompt March,"
Comment: This story is well-written and reported. Sayers did a good job
of detailing the background and the teachers' demands.
C2: Best Sports Story
No winners selected.  
C3: Best Feature Story
Leigh Paterson, WAER-FM, “St. Andrew’s Parishioners Keep Faith,” Comment:  A strong look at how members of one Syracuse Catholic parish were affected and reacted when their church was closed. The reporter went into depth and let the sound bites of some of the parishioners express their anger, frustration and disappointment. The story could’ve used some comment from the Syracuse diocese.  
Lou Smith, The Overview, “Arts Across Campus, Hip-With-The-Kids?” Comment: Though perhaps a little too long, this column by Lou Smith did a good job at looking at a Catch-22 situation found on many campuses…students complain there  aren’t enough activities on campus, but don’t turn out for the ones offered. He provides some suggestions, which is useful.

Julia Aubuchon, Internet TV/ABC News, “Pumpkin Beer,” Comment: A bright, fun feature that is perfect for a fall newscast. Good photography shows the popularity of pumpkin beer and the sound bites are informative.

Torie Wells, FOX 23 News, “Schenectady County Flooding,” Comment: A well-produced feature that provided useful information about the state of flooding in the county. The interview with the resident and official were especially interesting. Videography of the flooding taken from the boat made the package complete.



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